Employees return to Atlanta’s 911 name heart after HVAC points

Atlanta government employee union leader raises concerns over work conditions

The Professional Association of City Employees of Atlanta President Gina Pagnottas says the working conditions at Atlanta’s 911 call center are “horrible.”

Workers at Atlanta’s 911 call center are back in their facility on Friday just days after it had to be evacuated.

AN HVAC failure stemming from crews trying to repair an ongoing issue with the facility’s generator. That generator has caused problems on its own in the past.

The staff had to make do in a tiny space next to the Fulton County communications office.

A Union leader said up to a dozen employees were packed “almost on top of each other” making it difficult to hear the calls coming in.

They said moving back into their rightful facility will help as the weekends are the busiest time of the week for 911 calls.



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