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Elon Musk says Austin should not develop into a ‘San Francisco copycat’

Just weeks after announcing his company’s plans to move its headquarters from California to Austin, Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that Austin shouldn’t turn into a “San Francisco copycat”.

In response to a Fox News report on the upcoming Police Personnel Bill, Prop A, due for election Tuesday, Musk said “Austin should be his city, not a San Francisco copycat,” the billionaire tweeted.

The report recorded Save Austin Now’s proposal that it would require just over two police officers per 1,000 residents and 40 additional hours of police training per year. It also showcased Austin’s 70.97% increase in murders that year and the city council’s decision to cut and reallocate a portion of the police budget following nationwide protests against police brutality.

Some say the budget cuts and a year-long hiatus in training police cadets are responsible for the rise in crime, especially as a police staff shortage led Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon to announce that the police would not ” Non-emergencies “will respond. Others say Austin’s growth – the city swelled nearly a third from 2010-2020 – is the main culprit due to the pandemic and a nationwide surge in gun violence.

Chacon said the city’s “boomtown” growth is now facing “boomtown” problems.

“The point here is that we really become a big city,” said Chacon in September. “We’re starting to have problems with big cities. Nevertheless, I think that among the big cities we are still one of the safest in the country.”

The Prop A vote comes from Save Austin Now, a self-proclaimed bipartisan group that successfully reintroduced the homeless camping ban in May. Both SAN and an anti-prop-A-PAC raised over $ 1 million ahead of the November 2 elections, but the city saw a relatively low turnout in the early voting.

Austin Musk’s recent transplant left California for a reason – the billionaire was known to grapple with state politicians and regulators, particularly the state’s COVID policies.

In the past, he was more laudable Austin, calling it the nation’s next “boomtown” and a “Little California” on a podcast episode with fellow Californian transplant colleague Joe Rogan.

Musk made a home in Texas after moving last year. Tesla, which hit a market cap of $ 1 trillion for the first time on October 25, announced that it will relocate its headquarters in early October and is currently building a Giga Texas facility in southeast Austin, while Musk’s space company SpaceX is currently prototyping for his spaceship rocket in South Texas. Musk’s current primary residence is believed to be a $ 50,000 tiny house outside of the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

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