Eagles-49ers remaining rating: Philadelphia dominated by San Francisco, 42 to 19

The Philadelphia Eagles are 10-2 after losing to the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field. Final score: 42 to 19.

The Eagles actually got off to a nice start in this one in terms of moving the ball with 120 yards on their first two drives. But stalling out in the red zone twice to settle for Jake Elliott field goals only resulted in a 6 to 0 lead.

Allowing the 49ers to hang out proved to be costly. San Francisco took advantage by going on two long touchdown drives to go into halftime up eight points.

The 49ers then started the second half with another long touchdown drive to go up 21 to 6. Kyle Shanahan did a nice job of putting the 49ers in position to take advantage of weak points in the Eagles’ defense (see: Eli Ricks, Nicholas Morrow).

It looked like the Birds might have life after scoring a touchdown on a drive where Dre Greenlaw and Eagles senior advisor to the general manager/chief security officer Dom DiSandro got ejected in a sideline scuffle after a 49ers penalty. Philly was able to cut the lead to one score. But then the 49ers came right back and answered with a huge Deebo Samuel catch-and-run after a Morrow missed tackle to make it 28 to 13.

Facing 4th-and-2 from their own 32-yard line after allowing four straight touchdowns, Nick Sirianni essentially waived a white flag and punted. The 49ers took advantage to find their fifth touchdown. Fin.

Adding injury to insult, Jalen Hurts left the game to be evaluated for a concussion. He did return after Marcus Mariota took over for several snaps. But it was for naught with the game already out of reach.

Congratulations to the 49ers on their Super Bowl. They played like the much better team and retroactively won the 2022 NFC Championship Game with this win. All joking aside, not a comforting feeling to see the Eagles get outclassed like that. Especially in the trenches.

The Eagles will try to rebound with a very tough road matchup against the Dallas Cowboys coming up in Week 14. Their opponent will be coming off extra rest having last played on Thursday night. They’ll have to dig deep and find a way to win in order to hold on to their lead in the NFC East and the conference as a whole.

It will not be easy. But the Eagles still have a very viable path to the No. 1 seed ahead of them if they don’t totally collapse.

Read on for a recap and stay tuned for BGN’s postgame coverage, including the BGN Radio postgame show.


  • The 49ers won the coin toss and elected to defer, putting the Eagles’ offense on the field first. Jalen Hurts had a ton of time to throw on his first dropback but checked down to D’Andre Swift, who couldn’t hang on after being hit by Fred Warner. Swift took his first carry for a yard. Facing 3rd-and-9, Hurts hit a crossing A.J. Brown for a 38-yard catch-and-run into Eagles territory. Big pop from the Eagles home crowd. The Eagles did a good job of picking up a blitz to give Hurts time to hit a crossing Quez Watkins (!) for another first down. Facing 3rd-and-6, a bubble screen to Kenny Gainwell (!) picked up enough for a first down at the 11. Facing 3rd-and-7 from the 8-yard line, Charvarius Ward had great 1-on-1 coverage on Brown to knock down Hurts’ back shoulder pass attempt. The Eagles settled for a 26-yard field goal from Jake Elliott. Encouraging to move the ball well but annoying to only get three points. EAGLES 3, 49ERS 0.
  • Deebo Samuel took the Eagles’ kickoff out of the end zone to the 27-yard line. Genius idea to have him unnecessarily take extra hits. Brock Purdy’s first pass was batted down at the line by big man Jordan Davis. Haason Reddick sacked Purdy to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-12, Purdy got hit by Josh Sweat and airmailed a pass to the sideline for a 49ers three-and-out. Another strong start by Sean Desai’s unit.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 26-yard line. Hurts dropped a shotgun snap but was able to recover and throw the ball away. Hurts escaped a sack from Randy Gregory in the pocket to taking off running. Facing 3rd-and-3, the Eagles took a timeout with the offense seemingly out of sorts. Facing 3rd-and-3 again, Hurts to Brown on a slant got the offense to midfield. Hurts did a great job of stepping up and to his left to fire a pass to DeVonta Smith to get a first down into Eagles territory. Facing 3rd-and-6, Hurts stood in against the blitz and delivered a crucial completion to DeVonta beyond the marker. Another completion to Smith along the sideline put the Eagles in the red zone for the second time in two drives. Hurts slipped on a wet field and fell to take a 15-yard loss on a play where he had all the time in the world to throw (but no one open). The Eagles picked up eight yards to make it a shorter field goal attempt. Elliott made it from 39 yards out. Nick Sirianni declined an offside penalty for a chance at a 4th-and-8. Disappointing to have only six points moving the ball well twice. EAGLES 6, 49ERS 0.
  • Christian Elliss (!) exploded into the backfield on an outside run by Deebo Samuel to log a TFL. Then Purdy had a pass go off George Kittle’s hands and nearly get intercepted. Facing 3rd-and-14, Purdy threw the ball away while rolling right away from Reddick pressure. Two straight three-and-outs forced by Philly.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 33-yard line.


  • Facing 3rd-and-6 to start the second quarter, Brown jumped early and false started to knock the offense back. Facing 3rd-and-11, Hurts took off running for a short gain to bring up a Braden Mann punt.
  • Ben VanSumeren had the ST coverage tackle on Mann’s 52-yard punt to pin the 49ers at their own 15-yard line. Good distance and hang time by Philly’s punter. Nolan Smith set the edge well (going up against Deebo blocking him) and then Sydney Brown picked up a TFL to keep the Niners moving backwards. Then a false start knocked SF back even more. The 49ers finally picked up positive yardage with Darius Slay playing pretty far off Brandon Aiyuk. Facing 3rd-and-3, Purdy hit Kittle for the 49ers’ first first down. Facing 3rd-and-1 after no gain on a run up the middle, Purdy to a crossing Deebo moved the chains. Christain McCaffrey took a carry into Eagles territory to mark SF’s first visit there with 9:00 left in the second quarter. A crossing Kittle was left WIIIIDE open with a ton of room to run after making a catch to get to goal-to-go territory. Facing 3rd-and-goal from the 4-yard line, Purdy’s pass was high and incomplete out of the end zone but Sweat got called for being offside (didn’t look like he was?!). Facing 3rd-and-goal from the 2-yard line, Purdy hit a diving Aiyuk in the end zone for the 49ers touchdown. Upon replay, it looked like the ball moved and the score went to automatic review … only for the ruling to stand. Wow. 11-play, 85-yard TD drive by the Niners. They weren’t going to stay quiet forever. EAGLES 6, 49ERS 7.
  • Hurts took a 9-yard sack with only two covered receivers downfield and Brown not even on the field. Why? Facing 3rd-and-19, the Eagles ran a screen to DeVonta … who impressively broke through contact for a first down! Wow. Not the expected result on what usually feels like a give up third down play. With Lane Johnson pancaking Nick Bosa to give Hurts time to throw deep, the pass to Quez was knocked down and pass interference went uncalled when it could’ve been. Hurts’ third down pass went out of bounds and incomplete for another punt.
  • The 49ers took over at their own 10-yard line after a 51-yard Mann punt. A few plays later, the 49ers moved in Eagles territory. Then San Fran moved just outside of red zone. Sweat got called for another offside. Then a toss to Deebo got the 49ers to the 5-yard line. Jalen Carter stopped CMC short of the end zone and the Eagles took their final timeout with 0:41 remaining. Then CMC took it into the end zone.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 25-yard line with 0:38 left and zero timeouts to work with. Hurts’ first down pass was batted high up into the air by old friend turned enemy Javon Hargrave but fortunately fell down. The Eagles gave Gainwell a carry and then let the clock run out.


  • Purdy nearly had a pass picked off by Reed Blankenship to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-5, Purdy found a WIDE open Jauan Jennings with Eli Ricks trailing well behind. Too easy. CMC was shut down for no gain to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-3, Purdy found a wide open CMC with Nicholas Morrow trailing well behind on the wheel route (undefeated). Too easy. Then Deebo took a carry to the end zone for another 49ers touchdown and taunted the Philly crowded afterwards. EAGLES 6, 49ERS 21.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 42-yard line after a 49ers facemask penalty on Boston Scott’s kickoff return. Facing 3rd-and-7, Hurts rolled left and signaled for Brown to come back to the ball for a first down. The Eagles got set back with DeVonta called for a pass interference on an illegal pick play even though the 49ers player initiated contact. Hurts to DeVonta twice in a row resulted in an Eagles first down. Dre Greenlaw was flagged for suplexing DeVonta late and then tried to take a swipe at Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro (big mistake). Greenlaw and Big Dom were then both ejected in that order. The Eagles were put at 1st-and-10 from the 12-yard line. Brown was pushed out of bounds by Ward but no call. Facing 3rd-and-11, Hurts to Brown went for a first down at the 2-yard line. The Eagles went Brotherly Shove to get to the 1. And then again for the touchdown. EAGLES 13, 49ERS 21.
  • Fletcher Cox sacked Purdy. Facing 3rd-and-7, Purdy hit Aiyuk to beat Slay yet again for a first down. Morrow missed an open field tackle on Deebo, who took off running to the end zone for a fourth consecutive 49ers TD. EAGLES 13, 49ERS 28.
  • The Eagles went three-and-out. Nick Sirianni decided not to go for it on 4th-and-2 from the Eagles’ own 32-yard line despite giving up four straight 49ers TDs.


  • The 49ers slowly but surely drove into field goal range. Then into the red zone. Then Jennings broke through a poor tackling attempt from Ricks to run into the end zone. Game. EAGLES 13, 49ERS 35.
  • Marcus Mariota took over with Jalen Hurts being evaluated in the concussion protocol. Mariota led the Eagles to two first downs before Hurts returned to action. Hurts led the Eagles to goal-to-go territory. Hurts eventually hit DeVonta for a too-little, too-late TD. The Eagles went for a two-point conversion and Fred Warner broke it up. EAGLES 19, 49ERS 35.
  • Deebo broke off a 46-yard catch-and-run TD. EAGLES 19, 49ERS 42.
  • Hurts and the starters remained in the game despite being down 23 points with about five minutes left. Why?
  • The 49ers put Sam Darnold in the game to hand off and run the clock out.



  • Jalen Hurts was evaluated in the medical tent and then ran into the tunnel during the break between the third and fourth quarters. Hurts ran back to the Eagles’ sideline with just under nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
  • D’Andre Swift and Jack Stoll got banged up late in the fourth quarter.

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