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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – With the growing demand for COVID-19 vaccinations, the information you need to know comes quickly and furiously. Here is a recap of the COVID stories we’ve posted over the past 24 hours.

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Alameda, Santa Cruz, Solano County Moves to Red Level, Business Owner to Reopen Indoor Operations
ALAMEDA – Alameda, Santa Cruz, and Solano counties were promoted to less restrictive Red Tier Monday, allowing their struggling restaurants to offer limited indoor dining and freeing fans to stand in the stands when the Oakland A’s start with the regular season game. In the Red Tier districts, indoor dining rooms and cinemas may be reopened with a capacity of 25% or up to 100 people, whichever is lower. Gyms, dance and yoga studios can be used up to 10%. Museums, zoos and aquariums can open indoor activities with a capacity of 25%. Preparatory sports can also finally begin and schools can reopen under state restrictions. While Alameda is now in the red row, fans can be used to 20% for A games. Continue reading

Berkeley will open elementary schools for personal learning 5 days a week starting March 29
BERKELEY – The Berkeley Unified School District is expected to reopen elementary schools to face-to-face learning later this month, with a five-day-a-week schedule. In a letter to students and parents, Superintendent Brent Stephens said elementary schools would reopen for transition kindergarten through 2nd grade on March 29th and for grades 3-5 on April 12th. Families have the option of choosing in-person learning for their child or continuing distance learning for the remainder of the school year. Parents must notify the district of their choice by 12:00 noon Thursday, March 11th. “We know you don’t have to consider all the details of the program, but you do need to let us know whether or not your child would return to school in person so we can plan,” the superintendent said. Continue reading

Embattled Governor Newsom is using the COVID bulk vaccination facility for the state address as a recall loom
LOS ANGELES – Governor Gavin Newsom announced his state address in an empty Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Tuesday as threats to his political career as California leader loom over him. “A year ago, once in a century, a pandemic hit our coast,” Newsom said. Newsom stood at one of the largest vaccination centers in California to deliver his address. Newsom said the seating at Dodger Stadium was almost as high as the 53,000-plus Californians who died of COVID-19. “It was used, as many of our politicians will often do. You will use a painful, traumatizing moment to be a starting point for a political speech,” said Shaun Fletcher, professor of public relations at San Jose State University. Continue reading

SF Supes approves Emergency Ordinance for $ 5 / hour for some food workers
SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco regulators unanimously passed an emergency ordinance Tuesday to temporarily raise the wages of some food and retail workers by $ 5 an hour during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Shamann Walton, chairman of the board of directors, the Emergency Ordinance, which calls for the additional hazard payment, is urgently needed to further support the city’s key workers who are at higher risk of contracting the virus because they are not can work from home and often work indoors and serve a wide variety of customers on a daily basis. “Our key food workers are often paid minimum wages and are expected to be at high risk from constant exposure to the public. While we have set up protocols for wearing a mask, staying three feet apart, and staying home when you’re sick. However, we know that these protocols are not always followed by the public, ”Walton said in a statement. “This Emergency Ordinance compensates food workers and drugstore workers who were exposed to increased exposure during this pandemic by working to survive.” Continue reading

Red Tier really means Live A’s baseball fans are coming back!
OAKLAND – We’re getting a little closer to normal with Alameda County’s move to the Red Tier, and that’s great news for Oakland A fans April, all these stupid fake cardboard fans can be replaced by real fans with a capacity of 20 percent. “To have that again this year, to welcome our fans again, to pick me up for our players, especially when we have a great team this year, a World Series contender, we are thrilled that this will be possible from April onwards 1, ”said A-Team President Dave Kaval. Continue reading

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East Bay town of mountain home sees pandemic housing boom
TRACY – Who is wondering where some of the residents who fled the Bay Area during the COVID-19 pandemic should look east. In late 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, Mountain House’s zip codes were the most underwater in the country. 90% of homeowners owed more than their property was worth, an average of $ 122,000. This has changed dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. “Mountain House wasn’t even on the map in the Bay Area for a long time,” said resident Girish Mohan. “Everyone I’ve spoken to, who I’ve said, ‘We bought a house in Mountain House’. It was always like, ‘What? Mountain what? ‘”Read more

Solano County officials approve plans for a mass vaccination center at the Vallejo Exhibition Center
VALLEJO – The Solano County Supervisory Authority on Tuesday approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kaiser Family Foundation and several other partner organizations to operate a COVID-19 vaccination station at the Vallejo county’s fairgrounds. The letter of intent with the KFF, NorthBay Healthcare, Sutter Health Solano, and Touro University would set up the vaccination center for a 90-day term with the option to extend it for subsequent 90-day terms. The clinic administered vaccine doses for up to 12 hours a day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week, depending on the county. Several one-day vaccination clinics have already been held on the exhibition grounds, while the district is promoting the vaccination of residents aged 65 and over, health care workers, food and agriculture workers, and education and childcare workers. Continue reading

UPDATE: Lyft bans maskless Uber passenger who coughed, assaulted driver; Woman posts videos recorded before the incident
SAN FRANCISCO – Ride Hail Service Lyft has also banned a woman caught on camera coughing and assaulting an Uber driver who refused to serve her and her friends in San Francisco for not wearing masks, announced the company on Tuesday. In the meantime, the woman in question appears to have posted a video on social media expressing some remorse for her actions, but continues to rail against the driver, accusing him of ending her drive and telling her group to to leave his vehicle. In the new video, the woman who was banned from Uber after the incident threatens to sue Uber as well and ends the video by saying, “That’s why I’m using Lyft.” Continue reading

CoCo health officials tell Supes County that the red tier switch could take place next week
MARTINEZ – County health director Anna Roth told the Contra Costa county regulator on Tuesday that the number of COVID-19 cases across the state has dropped to the state’s red category for reopening, which means restaurants Contra Costa, gyms, and retail stores can likely open indoors, with Borders, next week. Personal lessons for grades 7 to 12 could also be resumed next week, provided that the county’s case numbers do not increase. “If we stay on the same path as we expect, it means there will be some changes for our church early next week or mid-next,” said Roth. The district health officer, Dr. Chris Farnitano said the total casualty rate per 100,000 people had dropped from 10.4% the previous week to 8.1%, which is still above the state-mandated 7%. Continue reading

Counties across California are complaining about new vaccine shipments as the economy reopens
SAN FRANCISCO – California counties remain skeptical about switching their vaccine delivery systems. A Santa Clara County official said Silicon Valley County will not participate in Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to control Blue Shield’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Some counties and elected officials are also pressing for Newsom to reconsider a plan to distribute more vaccines to vulnerable neighborhoods. The zip codes he plans do not cover all pockets of poverty in the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area. Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrives in Santa Clara County
SAN JOSE – After weeks of waiting, the one-off Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrived in Santa Clara County on Monday. The county received 7,500 doses of the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to health officials. Additional doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are expected to arrive in Santa Clara County on March 23. Johnson & Johnson’s highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine requires only one dose instead of the two required for Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines. It has been eagerly awaited by local health officials in hopes of increasing vaccination rates across the county, especially in the hardest hit areas, although it is not immediately clear where the vaccine doses are going. District officials said there is currently no “designated location” for the vaccine. Continue reading

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UC Davis is making a one-of-a-kind Spring Break deal – $ 75 for students who stay
DAVIS – UC Davis officials have made a unique offer to Facebook to ensure there is no new spike in COVID cases on campus and to support local businesses. They offer students $ 75 for a stay. Scholarships are limited to the first 500 students who apply. UC Davis students will be on spring break March 22-25. The idea is to spend the money on local businesses and not elsewhere. “As per government guidelines, all non-essential travel should be avoided, and staying locally is a great way to do your part in slowing the spread of COVID-19,” the post said. Continue reading

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