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Photo: Crystal Greene

Once you arrive at Crystal Greene’s ultrachic facial studio on the Upper East Side, prepare to be put into a trance with her zen facial sculpting–meets–advanced skin technology technique. “I enjoy giving facial massages and how stimulating the skin can have such a profound effect on the nervous system,” the New York–born and –raised esthetician says. “The best compliment is when clients often say, ‘Wow, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.’ Skin health is more than what we apply to our skin; stimulating the skin through massage is incredibly healing.”

Photo: Crystal Greene

Before studying at the Atelier Esthetique in NYC, Greene worked in retail for luxury brands like Barney’s, where her appreciation for facials and self-care grew. “I always looked forward to having treatments and pampering myself. I always love spas, hammams, and the décor,” she says.

But Greene knew she wanted to use her hands and be creative. “Years later, I no longer enjoyed working in retail and I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. I was so drained from talking all the time; I wanted my next line of work to feel like meditation for me and less engaging in the way that I had to be while in retail,” she explains. From there, she chatted with another esthetician for advice and decided to enroll in school, taking a “leap of faith” and studying esthetics.

Between taking clients in her new studio space and being featured in Goop, Into the Gloss, Violet Grey, and more, Greene holds space for the self-care practices she learned during her retail days, like walks, microcurrent facials, and hot baths. After all, as Greene says, “you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Acts of self-care allow me to be a better practitioner and most importantly supports my well-being.”

Below, the rising esthetician opens up about her beauty routines, why rest is important, and more.

I’m a morning person. I wake up between 5–6 a.m. I reach for my phone and check my work calendar and email to see if there are any urgent emails that require immediate attention. Otherwise, the morning is my time. I love to burn incense in the morning and make a cup of Earl Grey or chai tea and have some yogurt. I’ll sit and relax for about 20 minutes while having my tea.

I either cleanse with Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk with DMS or rinse with water. Some days I will use a hydrating toner, but some days I skip it. I love Boum-Boum Milk or Dermaviduals Lotion N. I will give my skin a massage for a few minutes to increase circulation and do some lymph drainage. I always follow with a serum.

I customize my own serums using extracts of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids from the skin-care brand Dermaviduals, which I use in my treatment room. I’ll customize an antioxidant serum, an anti-inflammatory, or brightening extracts depending on my skin needs. If I’m not using a custom serum, I love to use Future Beauty Drops 2 or Bioeffect EGF Serum. I’ll finish with either the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Soft Creme or Dermaviduals High Classic Creme. I’ll apply the Re-Nutriv Eye Cream as my final step.

For makeup, I wear NARS Soft Matte concealer in Medium/Dark 2 Caramel to conceal under my eyes, nose, and chin. The color matches my skin perfectly, and I love the velvety feel. I always wear blush; I need color to add some dimensions and help my skin look awake. I like to wear a bronzer on my cheeks for warmth. I really like Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh blush in Deep Bronze — a little goes a long way, and it looks like skin. I’m also loving the Gucci Rosy Beige blush. It works well on the cheeks and as an eye shadow.

My absolute favorite makeup is a red, bold lipstick — my favorite is Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in Poppy Sauvage. It’s the most amazing shade of red: It’s bright and vibrant, and I feel I transform into someone else when I wear it. If I wear a subtle lip, I really like Saie gloss in Dip mixed with Victoria Beckham Lip Definer in 03. When I wear eyeliner, I use Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal eyeliners blended into my waterline. The glide is beautiful, and the pigment is deep. You don’t have to keep dragging the pencil. I always apply Well People Expressionist mascara because it never irritates my eyes, and I brush my brows with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to keep the hairs in place.

I’m low-maintenance with hair, and it’s why I’ve worn my hair short for over 20 years. I wet my hair in the shower each morning and I apply the Iles Formula conditioner mixed with Mizani Moisture Replenish conditioner. I’m not a fan of very strong scents with hair-care products, and I love that both have a delicate scent and work well for my natural curls. I use Iles Formula shampoo on the days I wash my hair. I let my hair air-dry and, depending on the length of my curls, I will use a curly pudding.

I wash with Iota Supervitamin body wash. They have several scents, but I use the fragrance-free one. It lathers well, feels silky, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight after cleansing. I don’t wear any fragrance when I’m seeing clients, but I do love to wear Lubin Epidor on an evening out or day off. I’m also obsessed with In Fiore Fleur Vibrante or calendula oil as a full-body oil scent. Fleur Vibrante is the most beautiful and sensual scent of jasmine; it’s intoxicating and incredibly special.

I have a microcurrent machine in my practice, and it has ear clips that synchronize the brain waves and is deeply relaxing when set to a specific frequency. I like to do this after a long day with clients and to prepare my body for deep and restorative sleep. I also love to take a hot bath and soak. I usually end my evenings with little disturbance. I rarely watch TV. I take this time to relax.

I always double-cleanse to remove makeup. I use Augustinus Bader the Cleansing Balm or Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk. A few nights a week, I will use the Lyma laser to target fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Once a week, I exfoliate with Oumere No. 9 on a diluted cotton pad. I always apply one of my bespoke blended serums. Right now, I’m using a blend of CM glucan, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B. I finish with a layer of Dermaviduals Base Cream High Classic and I apply MBR Cytoline Eyecare Cream 100.

Serums are like vitamins for the skin, and the extracts that I use from Dermaviduals use advanced delivery systems to drive the actives deep into the epidermis, which allows the skin to be nourished at a cellular level. My custom serums feel amazing on the skin, improve skin health, and give the skin a radiant appearance.

Going to bed early, rarely watching television, and eating a light dinner allow me to feel fully awake in the morning. My line of work requires a lot of physical and energetic energy — it’s important for me to feel light, energized, and calm in my treatments to give the best possible experience.

Honestly, I don’t do much exercise at the moment. I love to walk, and I do so as much as I can. My studio is also a fourth-floor walk-up (very Parisian), which keeps me moving constantly.

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