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PLEASANTON (KPIX) – For the second time in a row the heat is still on. A homeowner’s air conditioning in Pleasanton is off, and that’s quite an emergency during this pandemic.

That means you’ll have to call a service company to have it repaired. At the moment, appropriate COVID-19 security measures are essential.

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Because service champions heating and air is an essential business. It means they have to get home safely.

“Well, we had a lot of security in place before COVID, we just took it to another level to keep our customers safe,” said owner Kevin Comerford.

He says the priority calls are to the seniors seeking shelter and in some cases sultry.

“You need air conditioning now. It’s not someone trying to play around with you so again it’s super important. But they call a company that takes every precaution and has all the PPE equipment we should all have, ”says Comerford.

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Blake Koscielak is a Service Champions technician.

“In addition to our normal tools, I need gloves to protect customers. Of course we need a face mask to make sure you interact with people as safely as possible,” said Koscielak. “We also wear floor mats. Every time we go to someone’s home, we make sure we cover my boots, and we also put a floor mat on someone’s front door.”

It turned out that the problem was just a tripped circuit breaker, possibly an overloaded circuit breaker, causing the air conditioner to work again.

Here is some advice from Service Champions. If your air conditioner blows warmer air or you hear a noise, you need to change the filter, which may need to be replaced. That in and of itself could make the device run better.

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Service Champions is also hiring. Due to increased customer demand during this pandemic, the company is not only discontinuing and offering paid AC repair training, but is also offering paid COVID-19 safety training.

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