CBS Boston’s Levan Reid Calls AFC East Title Battle A Battle Of ‘Large Brother Vs Little Brother’ – CBS San Francisco

(CBS) – Looking at the AFC East, we’ll see a mix-match of division enemies this week as the New York Jets battle the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins battle the New York Giants. In the division’s main event, we see the 8-4 New England Patriots and 7-4 Buffalo Bills battling it out for supremacy over the AFC East.

CBS Boston sports reporter Levan Reid looks at the three AFC East matches in week 13.

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All times listed are east.

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New York Giants @ Miami Dolphins Sunday, December 5 at 1:00 PM

The Dolphins come into this game on a four-game winning streak and the Giants are also big after an angry win over Philadelphia last week. When Reid watches this competition, he sees an acidic day in the sunshine for the boys in blue.

“Suddenly Brian Flores assumed that we were going to fire you, Brian Flores, you are not that bad,” Reid said. “Tua plays well. I’m not sure if Daniel Jones will play, he has a neck injury and they are just moving things on this team, in here. So I’ll take the Miami Dolphins that play at home. Plus, it’s in Miami. New York is going to show up and be like, you know, our season review of the sun and fun here in Miami, let’s have a good time and the game will take care of itself as always. “

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Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Jets Sunday, December 5th @ 1:00 pm on CBS

The New York Jets took a tough win last week despite missing out on their top WR and RB. Gang Green’s defense showed on the street and hit a shutout in the second half. The Eagles offensive is based on the rushing ball, an area the Jets have found difficult to defend this season, and allowed 4.5 yards per carry. The Eagles are historically 11-0 against the Jets. With a win, New York would not only end Philly’s winning streak, it would also climb to .500 at home.

“Whenever you play the Jets, it’s that homecoming game that is like Alabama playing at Norwood High School,” said Levan Reid of Boston. “This is your real game. This is when you populate your stats. Here your agent takes the tape and says, “See what you did in this game, we’ll bring it to the other teams. The Eagles will beat the Jets. They will destroy the jets. “

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills, Monday December 6th @ 8:15 am on CBS

The Patriots come in with a six-game winning streak in Week 13 and have jumped to the top of the league. Buffalo has played 7,500 balls for the week. Flip-flop wins and loses every week during this period. The Bills are undefeated within the division and have a perfect 3-0 record, while the Pats are 2-1 in AFC East competitions. When it comes to this heavyweight fight, Reid is fully on board with his local team.

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“Big brother takes in little brother,” Reid said. “The little brother started taking over the department and the big brother knocked on the door. And the little brother asks: “What are you doing here? You took over for 20, you go for one and you’re back. I’ve already changed the locks. ‘ I’ll take the Patriots into this game and ride a six game winning streak. You seem to be playing well. You feel like you are playing well. More pressure on Buffalo to win this game because they play Tampa the week after. So the Patriots get into this game. You have the young quarterback. They know well what they can do. Buffalo is still trying to find out. Josh Allen and his arrogant arm are trying to toss the ball through everyone out there. But I’ll take the Patriots in this game. “

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