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Carpet Care Tips: 4 Important Things You Should Know

If you know the fundamentals of carpet care tips, your carpet will definitely last longer than you expect. You can save money in the long run because you don’t have to buy a replacement every year. So, we’ve listed some essential carpet care tips you need to know to treat this common item in your home.

4 Carpet Care Tips

Make your life easier with these four carpet care tips. Since it is one of the most common areas where household members and visitors step on, it requires regular cleaning. Plus, proper carpet care will extend its life while making it look new for an extended period. If you maintain your carpet, it reduces household allergens and dust for better health.

Carpet Care Tip #1: Use the Vacuum Correctly

Cleaning your carpet is the most effective strategy to extend its life and avoid the high cost of replacement. Vacuum it at least twice a week. But it is also essential to set the vacuum height correctly to get the best results.

Carpet Care Tip #2: Buy the Right Carpet Pad

The proper pad will help your carpet last longer, while the wrong pad will cut the life of your carpet in half. The density of a carpet pad, not its thickness, determines its quality. A decent pad should be ⅜ to ½ inch thick with a density/weight rating of at least 6 pounds (the residential standard). A low-density pad will usually only last a few years before needing to be changed. Get a thinner pad with a density of 8 lbs. or more for high-traffic areas.

Carpet Care Tip #3: Hide Carpet Runs

Don’t worry if you have a running snag on a carpet with woven loops. You can create a fix so flawless that no one but you will notice it. All you’ll need are scissors, a tiny screwdriver, tape, and carpet glue, which can be found at most hardware stores.

To identify the spot where the loose yarn is still securely linked to the backing, gently tug it. Snip it off as near as possible to the backing. Tape a bead of carpet glue into the run to protect the surrounding carpet. Press each “scab” (spots where pieces of backing adhere to the yarn) into the adhesive with a screwdriver.

Carpet Care Tip #4: Clean Up Pet Accidents

Act quickly if your pet has urine or poop on the carpet. Urine may harm carpet fibers and even affect their color. It can seep through printed patterns onto the carpet. Use white paper towels to absorb the pee. Then, mix a cup of lukewarm water and a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Do not use the same detergent as your dishwasher.

Next, apply this soapy mixture. Using paper towels, thoroughly soak the area. Then, dry paper towels, blot the area, and repeat the wet-and-dry process at least one more. Rinse off the detergent with clean water and wipe the carpet dry one more time.

Finally, wipe the carpet with a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water. Cover the moist area with a hefty stack of books and roughly 20 layers of paper towels. Continue to change the towels until they no longer absorb wet.

Hiring a Pro Carpet Cleaner

For synthetic carpets, most carpet manufacturers advocate professional hot-water extraction as the primary cleaning technique. The ideal plan is to hire a professional once or twice a year and clean the carpet in between. Rather than using portable steam cleaning equipment, hire a specialist who utilizes truck-mounted equipment.

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