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California To Impose Keep-At-Residence Order For Counties In Purple Tier – CBS San Francisco

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) – California is imposing a limited-stay-at-home order for all counties in the state’s Purple Tier of Coronavirus infection level as new daily COVID-19 cases rise to their highest level since the pandemic began.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the order Thursday afternoon, saying it would apply to the 41 counties currently in the Purple Tier and lasting a month. The counties make up about 90 percent of the state’s population.

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Non-essential work and gatherings would be prohibited between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. They would come into effect on November 21st.

Due to the surge in # COVID19 cases, CA is placing a limited stay at home order.

Non-essential work and gatherings must be suspended between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. in counties on the purple level.

This will take effect on Saturday at 10pm and will last for 1 month.

Together we can flatten the curve again.

– Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) November 19, 2020

“The virus is spreading at a pace we have not seen since this pandemic started, and the next days and weeks will be crucial in stopping the surge. We are sounding the alarm, ”Newsom said in a press release. “It is critical that we reduce transmission and slow down hospital stays before deaths rise. We’ve done it before and we have to do it again. “

California Minister of Health Dr. Mark Ghaly said Thursday hospital stays rose 63 percent in the past 14 days, while intensive care hospital stays rose 40.5 percent.

“In California, where we’ve had lower transmission rates and fewer cases, we’re also seeing that increase grow faster and faster,” said Ghaly. “We have to address it immediately.”

As of Wednesday, California had 11,478 new COVID-19 cases and a daily moving average of 8,192 cases, most since late July / early August. The state has recorded a total of 1,059,267 cases and a total of 18,466 deaths.

Meanwhile, the state’s test positivity rate has risen from 3.3% on November 5 to 5%.

The order of the acting state health authority Dr. Erica S. Pan is aimed at people who may hang out with others outside their household late at night.

“Nothing in this order prevents any number of people from the same household from leaving their residence, lodging, or temporary accommodation unless they interact (or otherwise congregate with) any number of people from another household. unless expressly permitted herein ”, it says in the order.

Ghaly said there was no single reason for the stricter measures now being taken by the state, noting that “COVID is rising very rapidly from zero to 60 mph”.

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“There’s not a single culprit, it’s a combination of factors – colder weather, more mixing, more openings, more travel,” Ghaly said. “What does it mean when the level is this high across the state? It means that activities you normally do are at greater risk today than they were a month ago. We’ve seen reports from people saying, “Well, I haven’t changed my behavior, I did the same a month ago.” Well, COVID levels are higher in our communities today due to the background transmission rate. Even our daily activities become more at risk. “

He also said that residents of counties on the Purple Plain are not prohibited from visiting the grocery store, walking their dog, or getting take-out from a restaurant during the set curfew.

More positively, Ghaly said there would be no additions to the purple tier on Thursday. Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties remain in the Red Row.

“Today we’re not announcing any more counties in the purple level. For the past 48 hours, we’ve looked at the dates that no county has moved to a more restrictive level.”

Contra Costa County’s health authorities asked local residents to abide by the new order.

“Contra Costa encourages everyone who lives or works in the county to obey the ordinance, which is enforced in the same way as all state and local health ordinances in our county,” officials said.

While his county is not covered by the Order, San Mateo district chief David Canepa has criticized the state’s actions.

“As far as I know, the disease is just as deadly between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. as it is between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.,” Canepa said in a press release. “So I cannot support this tactic as there is no scientific evidence that a curfew works. Stick with science and wear your damn masks. The rules should be the same day and night. “

On Thursday, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia objected to the prospect of enforcing such an order.

“The expectation of law enforcement agencies to enforce a curfew is unreasonable,” said Garcia. “I’m a little confused when criminals are released from custody, just as we would enforce such an order.”

A spokesman for the San Jose Police Department later released a statement saying that the authorities, like the local detention order department, would focus on education rather than issuing quotes.

The spokesman also said that the San Jose police would not use this curfew as a likely reason for detaining people during the curfew.

The California Highway Patrol issued a similar statement: “The mission of the CHP is unchanged. CHP officials will continue to patrol across California using their sound professional judgment to place enforcement stops for violations of the law based on likely grounds. “

Prior to the announcement, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones issued a statement to clarify his office’s position on “existing health care contracts as well as possible upcoming county or state-level contracts.”

“The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office will not determine, including entering any home or business, whether or not to enforce or enforce health or emergency instructions related to curfew, stay at home, Thanksgiving, or other social gatherings inside or outside the home become. maximum occupancy or mask mandates, ”said Jones. “We will also not send any officers for these purposes. Callers are advised to call 3-1-1 and be transferred to County Health. Of course, we will continue to respond appropriately when there is potential criminal behavior or a potential impact on public or personal safety. “

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