California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is residence to world’s oldest residing aquarium fish

buy ivermectin 3 mg SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is home to the world’s oldest living aquarium fish.

buy Misoprostol with no prescription The name of the lungfish is Methuselah, which comes from the Bible.

Methusalah was Noah’s grandfather and lived 969 years.

This Methusalah is considered “she” and is at least 90 years old.

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The academy will send a tiny sample of their fin to researchers in Australia who will try to find out its exact age.

“She’s basically just a big pooch,” said aquarium curator Charles Delbeek.

“She’s very gentle, she moves very slowly, but if you want to be fast, you can. You can jump out of this tank and that’s why we have a guard around it, ”he explained.

Methusalah weighs about 24 pounds.

Perhaps a more mature palate comes with their age? She enjoys figs, but only when they are fresh, not frozen and thawed.

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