Bustle Magnificence Awards 2024

Each year, the entire Bustle team spends months testing hundreds of new beauty products. From shimmery blushes to do-it-all serums to high-tech tools that look like they’re from the year 2050, we left no product unturned — and our faces, hair, bodies and nails have reaped the benefits. We enlisted the help of a team of the industry’s top pros — from celebrity hairstylists to skin care gurus — and tested every product (412, to be exact) for at least a full month, then rated our results based on efficacy, efficacy, formulation, packaging, and if they made us want to reach for them again and again. The beauty industry is more vibrant than ever, and we’re thrilled to put our stamp on the new class of beauty products that are leading the way with inclusion and innovation at the forefront.

Ahead, we present to you the best beauty products of 2024. We hope you discover a new favorite.

The Bustle Beauty Team

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