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“In addition to the actual medical staff, you have to have a plumbing installation,” he said.

Kayla, who runs the office and oversees their finances, said they are less than a year old and it already feels like the company is a big family. Of course, that literally applies to her father and brother Chris, who runs the service department. But this is also the case with the other employees of Assurance.

“We are so happy here that our entire work family is just one extended family. And we talk so much about expanding this place and putting a pool table in the store and a grill outside because we enjoy hanging out, ”Kayla said.

Plumbing runs, it seems, runs in their families, and it’s something all three have gotten to, even if some hoped to avoid it first.

Kayla and Chris represent the third generation of Wilsons to run Assurance Plumbing in Flagstaff and maybe even the fifth or sixth generation of Wilsons to work in the plumbing business, Joe said.

His uncle moved to Flagstaff in 1979 to start a plumbing company, soon followed by Joe’s father, Bob Wilson. Soon he too had his own plumbing company, although his focus was more on new construction than on repair and maintenance.

And while it’s impossible to know, one day they might give way to another generation of Wilson plumbers. Kayla gave birth to son Oliver this fall, and Chris’ son Kamdon only helped Grandpa Joe with his first main line last month.

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