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An In-Legislation Studio For $1800 (Plus Necessary Full-Time Nanny Place): SFist

Want to live in Saint Francis Wood in someone’s 600-square-foot in-law studio for a relatively reasonable rent that comes with a major catch? Well, someone over there is seeking an unheard-of deal on child care, essentially offering to pay $250 a week ($1000 a month), plus free rent, to be an overnight live-in nanny, six nights a week. This parent/landlord is giving preference to teachers, so if any of you teachers out there would like to get off work dealing with kids all day to go home and deal with someone else’s kids all night, and only have one night off a week, have I got a deal for you!

The ad is currently on Craigslist and apparently this deluded parent thinks this is such a terrific deal, s/he didn’t bother to include any pictures of the apartment, only a map showing its location. The text says it’s “one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in San Francisco,” but that’s a bit of a stretch for being Muni-adjacent in what’s basically West Portal, on the edge of Saint Francis Wood. But sure, if you want to move to suburbia without leaving the city, and basically take care of someone’s kids — almost for free — so that they can have a life, Monday to Saturday from 9:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., this is a fine opportunity.

The deal is structured like so: Your salary for the childcare is technically $2800 a month, and you’re being asked to “help care” for an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, babysitting at night, putting them to bed, and getting them off to school in the a.m. (Though they’ll be asleep, presumably, for most of those hours, this basically works out to $10-$11 per hour.) Your rent will be taken out of that pay, however, at $1800 per month, so you really only net $1000, pre-tax, and so this is just a little spending cash on top of your full-time job. But you won’t have any time to spend it except maybe on Saturday afternoons, and on your one night off a week, Sunday. No going out for you!

It seems like a high price to pay for anyone but the most devoted homebody and caregiver who just needs a place to rest their head. And for $1800 a month, while you may not find a studio where you’d be living by yourself, you could probably find a decent share someplace where you weren’t forced into servitude six nights a week, but I guess “free” rent is worth it to somebody.

And just to repeat: There are no pictures so this place might be a dump.

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