America’s 15 Favourite Native Dwelling Service Companies

Entrepreneur asked Yelp to dig into its data, to reveal which ones America loved the most. Together we created America’s Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, a list of 150 local, independently owned and operated businesses across 10 categories — including, yes, home and local services.

To see every category, as well as the methodology behind the list, click here. Below are the 15 companies included in the home and local services category.

Note: Some businesses may have multiple locations. Only one location is listed for each.

1. Pink Plumbing & Sewer

Phoenix, AZ

Company website | Yelp page

This mobile business, owned by Chris Martin, can dispatch a repair crew to anywhere in the Phoenix Valley for both scheduled appointments as well as emergencies (to which they can respond 24/7). A particular plus is Martin’s insistence upon flat-rate pricing, with no extra work done without approval.

The best plumbing service out there!” reads one Yelp review. “I have always been very happy and totally satisfied… received super service from Pink along with peace of mind.” “I contacted them Easter Sunday evening,” reads another. “[They were] prompt, professional and installed our new water heater in no time.”

2. Lani’s Tailor & Atelier

Redmond, WA

Company website | Yelp page

Owner Andrea Kim’s atelier has been a Downtown staple for knocking on 40 years now, which is a soaring achievement for any independently owned small enterprise. A seasoned designer, Kim makes wedding dresses from scratch, which is why brides-to-be constitute a sizeable chunk of the clientele.

But that’s not all. She’ll also alter/restore existing dresses and gowns, as well as tailor men’s and women’s suits, shirts, jeans and jackets. “[They] worked me in last minute for a next day wedding,” offered on gent on Yelp. “Amazing service with a smile! Great, great value.”

3. Rain of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Company website | Yelp page

There is arguably no urban population in the nation more acutely aware of the sustainability and efficiency of its water supply than Vegas. Since 1996, Michael Chuk’s company has made a mission of providing clean, safe and cutting-edge water quality systems, which can feature water conditioners, softeners and reverse osmosis filters.

Describing his hard water problem, one Yelp reviewer vividly described his dilemma: “Our water was essentially liquid rock, so we decided to get a water softener installed… Rain of Las Vegas [was] trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional… Our showers are awesome now.” An added bonus: All its systems are USA-made.

4. Hero Air

Chicago, IL

Company website | Yelp page

In June, Canadian wildfires caused air quality in the Windy City to hit 5 out of a possible 6 on the particulates meter — a mark classified as “very unhealthy.” The episode brought new focus on the need for indoor air quality systems, a service that this 10-year-plus business specializes in.

President Vladimir Yanev’s team services both the city and its suburbs, and can tackle boiler and furnace/installation and repair, as well as HVAC builds/service/repair and maintenance (including ductless mini splits for room-individualized temperature control). And if one Yelp review is any indication, there might also be an impromptu seminar offered in the bargain. “My granddaughter was very impressed with you taking time to help us understand the boiler,” it reads. “I am looking forward to you taking care of all our boiler and hot water tank needs.”

5. Texas Electrical Connect

Austin, TX

Company website | Yelp page

According to the National Fire Protection Association, wiring, lighting, cords and plugs cause approximately 35,000 home fires in the U.S. each year — which result in between one and two billion dollars in property damage. Owner Miguel Alonzo is here to save you from future calamity. His areas of expertise include lighting, electrical panel, doorbell and security system repair, as well as troubleshooting/addressing issues with generators and A/C systems and a variety of other challenges, both business and residential.

“Power in the bathroom was out,” recalled a Yelp reviewer. “They checked all the outlets and found the problem behind some DIY work that was done wrong. They fixed it and improved safety by moving the switch to a location that met code…all in the same day.”

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6. 5 Points TV Installations

Hialeah, FL

Company website | Yelp page

How hard is it to mount a TV? Home renovation geeks might say it’s easy — but for everyone else, it’s fraught with embarrassment and actual peril, including wall damage (should you fail to find the studs and/or use the wrong anchors), injury/damage resulting from drops, electrical short issues and/or mounting at the wrong eye level (the results much more irritating than you might imagine).

In other words, it’s time to call a pro. Since 2010 this small operation, just outside of Miami, has been relieving home and business owners of those headaches, and can also handle the installation of speakers and sound bars, as well as shelves and stands.

7. A Few Good College Men

Gaithersburg, MD

Company website | Yelp page

Dany Afeni is the owner of this diversly-capable moving company, which not only serves the entirety of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, but can also assist with further-flung jobs up and down the Eastern Seaboard and even cross-country. Services include simple deliveries (for stores that do not arrange for shipping) and traditional packing and moving, but also junk cleanouts, storage, furniture assembly and mattress removal.

“I had a move from MD to VA to MD in one day,” reads one Yelp review, “and I appreciated the status updates so I could notify the second party of when the team would arrive. They are so speedy and friendly!”

8. Bronco Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning Denver

Denver, CO

Company website | Yelp page

Strategically-placed carpets can be a sanity restorer, especially for homeowners with large pets and/or kids. But there’s a problem: Those carpets are also magnets for allergens, bacteria, proteins and dust. If improperly or too seldom cleaned, they’ll contribute to indoor air pollution, and so exacerbate asthma and other breathing problems.

Bronco Pro Kleen is here to solve that problem. It’s based in Denver’s Applewood neighborhood, and uses eco-friendly gear that’s safe for pets and kids. It also includes a truck-mounted steam systems designed to apply extra cleaning and odor-removal power to carpets, yes, but also to home and car upholstery. The company will also repair carpets in a pinch, and emergency services are available.

9. Tony LaMartina Plumbing

St. Louis, MO

Company website | Yelp page

Though now in its 41st year of servicing “The Lou,” this small enterprise actually taps an even deeper lineage: The LaMartina family has master plumber-class expertise that goes back more than a hundred years. Those stripes show in LaMartina Plumbing being placed in Angie’s List Super Service Award ranks seven times now, as well as it’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis.

Tony and crew’s capabilities extend from bathroom upgrades to lawn irrigation services and water heater installation, and from kitchen sink to garbage disposal maintenance/repair. For larger jobs, financing is available, too, and an added plus is the ability to track service crews’ ETA via GPS.

10. MMPC

Long Island City, NY

Company website | Yelp page

MMPC was among the first companies in this sector to integrate the EPA’s Integrated Pest Management Practices into its services. With environmental awareness as a cornerstone, the resulting approach explores a variety of approaches to rodent and insect infestations “before pesticides are even considered.” It also partners with state and other entities such as the FDNY, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Health and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York — with that same goal of effective but sustainable and careful application, keeping kids and pets particularly in mind.

Solutions could be hot- or cold temperature-based, for example, or emphasize exclusion (sealing pest entryways or exit paths). Beyond that, fumigation is always an option, along with natural and other pesticides.

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11. Isle Locksmith

Honolulu, HI

Company website | Yelp page

Servicing Honolulu (and Oahu more broadly) and owned by Shai Rosen, this small business takes no small pride in its response times. “On a Saturday evening, my elderly relative found herself locked out of her apartment,” one Yelper wrote. “Shai arrived within 15 minutes…and our whole issue was resolved.” Another, locked out of his office, recounts a technician from Isle Locksmith arriving on site in 15 to 20 minutes.

Rosen and crew’s considerable list of capabilities includes lock installation and repair, keypad entry assistance, broken key extraction, car key duplication, lock changing (including electronic/smart variants) and safe lock service.

12. Auto Pro Detailing

Fremont, CA

Company website | Yelp page

With two locations (Fremont and Dublin), this company serves the entirety of the East San Francisco Bay community, including San Jose and Silicon Valley. Very much a family enterprise and founded in 1994, its owner, Marvin, has brought on his brothers, wife and daughter over the years, and offers a considerable range of services, from paint protection and correction to headlight restoration, full auto (including engine) detailing to tinting services.

Describing persistent scratches that had defied other treatment, one Yelper turned to Auto Pro Detailing and recalled: “[They] promised me 80% [scratch correction], but delivered 100%! The car looks new again!”

13. Kingdom Electric

Portland, OR

Company website | Yelp page

Among the qualities that a truly capable electrician should have (including expertise and good communication and time management skills), adaptability is too often overlooked, and is a highlight of this small Portland business. “[Owner] John understands that not everyone can afford to tackle massive projects all at once,” recalls one Yelper. “I greatly appreciate the guidance and patience… He is a skilled electrician, but even better, is a wealth of knowledge regarding home renovations in general.”

The company can take on a wide variety of issues, including AC installation, electrical panel repair and circuit breaker installation (among others), as well as a newer service of increasing importance and one that’s very much in demand: EV charging station builds.

14. Star Locksmith

Brighton, MA

Company website | Yelp page

Family owned and operated (with Bulent Hatipoglu as the principal), this company harnesses decades of experience in the field and serves the greater Boston metro area. Residential, auto and commercial services are on hand, whether the need is lock changing, new installation, electronic/smart lock repair, rekeying, vehicle lockouts or a variety of other issues, as well as the occasional and unexpected extra.

As one Yelper recounted, “After closing on our new home, everyone immediately said to change the locks. [Bulent did] the entire job (6 locks) done in about 30 minutes. Before leaving he noticed our main entrance had some wonky screws inserted which was hurting the doorframe… in the blink of an eye, [he] had new screws in and the door shuts perfectly.”

15. Residential Express Services Heating & Air Conditioning

Springfield, VA

Company website | Yelp page

This service and repair company tackles the vital task of making HVAC systems perform more efficiently, safely and reliably — all of which are vital for a home investment that can easily run tens of thousands of dollars. It does it so well that the years are flying by: It celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2023.

HVAC is a complex job; it also involves air duct cleaning and repair, duct sanitizing and lint screen cleaning. The crew here additionally specializes in gas/electric furnace and water heater installation and repair, as well maintaining/fixing thermostats and air conditioners, and offers an ongoing service plan designed to extend the life of home HVAC systems. The company is able to respond to the entirety of Northern Virginia.

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