Aldi releases model new dupes together with Uncommon Magnificence copies for £18 lower than Selena Gomez model

THERE’S no better feeling than finding amazing beauty products for a bargain price.

And shoppers will want to save the date for Aldi‘s next launch of beauty dupes hitting stores this month.

Aldi releases new Rare Beauty dupes for £18 less than Selena Gomez brandCredit: Aldi
Also coming out is liquid highlightersCredit: Aldi
And they are re-releasing their By Terry dupes in time for summerCredit: Aldi

The German retailer is well known and loved for their designer dupes without the hefty price tag.

And now you can stock up on your favourite make-up products for a bargain price just in time for summer.

Taking inspiration from Selena Gomez‘s make-up line Rare Beauty, Aldi is releasing their new Sweet Blush liquid blushers in three different shades to suit everyone.

Top tip, this can be used as a lip and cheek tint too

Aldi bosses

Pink Lace is a bright pink shade, Orchid Pink with a mauve undertone is great for cooler skintones and a new shade has been launched called peachy pink for those who prefer a slightly orange shade.


And the best part?

These blushers cost just £3.49 – saving you £18.51 compared to Rare Beauty’s which are £22.

Aldi bosses add: “Top tip, this can be used as a lip and cheek tint too!”

But that’s not all, they’ve also got you sorted when it comes to getting the perfect dewy base for summer with a selection of primers.

The Illuminated Highlighter for £3.49 will give skin a gorgeous sheen with it’s liquid formula and again, takes inspiration from Rare Beauty’s highlighters which cost £24.

Also back in stores will be the CC Serum Primer for £4.99 to give your skin the ultimate glow.

I’m a skincare pro – three ingredients that are seriously underrated

Clinique dupes are also up for grabs in six shadesCredit: Aldi

The product, infused with Rose extract comes in two shades – peach for a more iridescent glow and tulip for those who want to bronze up the skin.

It’s a dupe for the cult-favourite By Terry Brightening CC Serum, £49.50 but costs a fraction of the price and will save you £44.50.

And last but not least, is the Brightening Concealer to keep you looking awake and fresh even if you haven’t had eight hours sleep.

For just £3.99 you can get similar results to the Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer Eraser which costs a pricey £26.

While it will save you £22, the Aldi concealer only comes in six shades so won’t be suitable for everyone.

Formulated with Vitamin C & caffeine, Lacura’s concealer gives a healthy glow to the skin while reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty fans who want to get their hand son it better get prepared.

The products will be hitting stores 9 May and like with any of their Specialbuys, once they’ve gone, they’re gone.

How To Save Money On Beauty Buys

IF your purse is feeling tighter than ever before and you’re looking to save cash on your make-up routine, have you ever thought of trying out beauty dupes?

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