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Alcatraz Island will reopen next week for the first time since last year, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the National Park Service announced on Tuesday.

The island will reopen on Monday, with requirements for face masks as well as social distancing, according to valet parking.

Alcatraz Island has been closed since December when five counties – including San Francisco – and the city of Berkeley implemented regional stay-at-home ordinances for coronaviruses.

“We have worked closely with our public health partners to align our activities with local guidelines and provide access to the island for the first time this year,” said Laura Joss, general superintendent of GGNRA, in a statement. “We expect everyone to follow CDC instructions, wear a mask and give each other space to safely enjoy their experience at this iconic location.”

Ferries to the island are initially operated with reduced capacities and require prior reservation via alcatrazcruises.com.

Access to the island’s exterior areas, such as Eagle Plaza and Sally Port, as well as China Alley and lower building 64, is open to all visitors, while interior areas such as the Cell House are restricted to visitors who sign up for tours.

The New Industries Building will also host an exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz by Indians of all tribes, according to valet parking. No food is served on ferries to and from the island, and visitors are no longer allowed to consume food on Alcatraz Island.

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