AI firm leaving Miami for San Francisco – NBC Bay Space

An artificial intelligence company has announced it is moving from Miami to San Francisco.

The incoming move may be the best news San Francisco city leaders could possibly get at this time, with venture capitalists coming along for the ride.

“Building a startup, Silicon Valley is always in the back of your mind as a dream,” Andi CEO Angela Hoover said.

Hoover is moving her generative AI search company to San Francisco.

“And I think the way San Francisco is depicted in the media is different from the lived experience when you’re actually here,” Hoover said. “And so on my trips out I would just think to myself, ‘Hey, there’s a lot happening. I want to get more involved,'” Hoover said.

And having attended Bay Area AI meetups, Hoover met venture capitalists, who said when it comes to AI, the Bay Area is where the money is going.

“It is the hot spot,” said Jesse Coors-Blankenship, co-founder for Parkway Venture Capital. “There is something really special about Silicon Valley in that you have an ecosystem that is really unmatched when it comes to the engineering minds in the area.”

Hoover’s company has already pulled in more than $2 million in VC funding and has signed a lease in San Francisco.

“San Francisco is the beating heart of AI,” Hoover said. “It’s just the heart of the tech revolution right now.”

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