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ACE Dwelling Providers Honors Our Warriors by Offering a New A/C to Navy Veteran for the third Annual Giveaway | Ap

To celebrate and honor our heroes, a military member/veteran will be nominated by the community to be rewarded with a brand new a/c unit valued up to 10k

kAm!w~t}x)[ pC:K][ yF?6 `f[ a_aa W$t}sa!#t$$ }t($(x#tX — prt w@>6 $6CG:46D 😀 2 E@A w’pr 2?5 !=F>3:?8 4@>A2?J D6CG:4:?8 E96 !9@6?:I |6EC@ 2C62] u@C J62CD D:?46 :E H2D 7@F?565[ E96J 92G6 AC@G:565 9@>6D H:E9 BF2=:EJ pr 2?5 w62E:?8 724:=:EJ >2:?E6?2?46[ 6BF:A>6?E :?DE2==2E:@?[ 2?5 C6A2:C[ 6?DFC:?8 D>@@E9 @A6C2E:@? 😕 9@>6D] %9:D G6E6C2? @A6C2E65 4@>A2?J 😀 AC@F5 E@ DFAA@CE 2?5 9:C6 >:=:E2CJ >6>36CD 7@C @G6C ad J62CD]k^Am

kAmprt w@>6 $6CG:46D 😀 4FCC6?E=J E2<:?8 9F?5C65D @7 ?@>:?2E:@?D 7C@> E96 !9@6?:I |6EC@ 4@>>F?:EJ E@ D6=64E 2 >:=:E2CJ C64:A:6?E @7 E96 E9:C5 2??F2= pr 8:G62H2J]’6E6C2?D[ 24E:G6 5FEJ 2?5 C6D6CG6 >:=:E2CJ >6>36CD 2C6 2== 6=:8:3=6 E@ 36 ?@>:?2E65] %96 H:??6C H:== 36 2??@F?465 @? yF=J dE9]%96 52E6 @7 :?DE2== H:== 36 H:E9:? EH@ H666?E 52E6 32D65 @? E96 ?665D @7 E96 C64:A:6?E]k^Am

kAm{2DE J62C[ E96 4@>>F?:EJ D6=64E65 r2AE2:? p=7C65 “q6??J” pD9=6J] q6??J D6CG65 E96 !9@6?:I u:C6 s6A2CE>6?E 7C@> `hca E9C@F89 E96 6?5 @7 `hfb]q6??J 😀 2 >:=:E2CJ 4@>32E G6E6C2? 2?5 EH:46 =67E E96 7:C69@FD6 E@ D6CG6 2D 2 &]$]}2GJ r@CAD>2? 5FC:?8 E96 ((xx 2?5 z@C62? H2CD]w6 D6CG65 2D 2 >65:4 2E %2C2H2 😕 E96 v:=36CE xD=2?5D 😕 E96 $@FE9 !24:7 :4]k^Am

kAmp7E6C C6EFC?:?8 E@ 9:D 7:C67:89E:?8 42C66C q6??J =65 E96 !9@6?:I 7:C67:89E6CD F?:@? 2D E96 !C6D:56?E @7 xpuu {@42= chb 😕 E96 `he_’D]x? `heg 9:D :562 7@C 2 DE2E6H:56[ 4@>3:?65[ 7:C67:89E6CD 2?5 A@=:46 @77:46CD A6?D:@? DJDE6> H2D D:8?65 :?E@ =2H 3J p+ v@G6C?@C y24< (:==:2>D E@ 4C62E6 E96 !F3=:4 $276EJ !6CD@??6= #6E:C6>6?E $JDE6> W!$!#$X]k^Am

kAm~FC D6=64E65 a_a_ H:??6C H2D |2DE6C $6C862?E z6:E9 %F4<6C[ 2 G6E6C2? H9@ 9@?@C23=J D6CG65 @FC 4@F?ECJ 7@C ac J62CD :? E96 p:C u@C46 2?5 H2D DE2E:@?65 2E {F<6 p:C u@C46 q2D6] %9:D @AA@CEF?:EJ 42>6 2E E96 A6C764E E:>6 7@C |C]%F4<6C[ 2D 96 2?5 9:D H:76 s:2?2 H6C6 >@G:?8 :?E@ E96:C ?6H 9@>6 E92E 925 2? 6I:DE:?8 F?:E E92E H2D @G6C `d J62CD @=5]k^Am

kAm%96 !C6D:56?E @7 prt w@>6 $6CG:46D[ y@9? %C:>3=6 D6CG65 2D 2? pC>J x?72?ECJ>2? 2?5 E96? 2 $A64:2= u@C46D ~77:46C – @C vC66? q6C6E – 7@C >@C6 E92? `b J62CD] (@C<:?8 4=@D6=JH:E9 G2C:@FD :?E6C?2E:@?2= DA64:2= @A6C2E:@?DF?:ED[ y@9? AC:>2C:=J H@C<65 4@F?E6CE6CC@C 2?5 4@F?E6C 5CF8 @A6C2E:@?D 24C@DD >F=E:A=6 56A=@J>6?ED E@ p7892?:DE2? 2?5 $@FE9 p>6C:42[ C646:G:?8 EH@ qC@?K6 $E2C >652=D[ 2 |6C:E@C:@FD $6CG:46 |652=[ 2?5 E96 r@>32E x?72?ECJ>2?’D q2586 2>@?8DE @E96C 2H2C5D 2?5 4:E2E:@?D]k^Am

kAm!C:@CE@ 36:?8 >65:42==J C6E:C65 2D 2 |2;@C[ y@9?’D 7:?2= >:=:E2CJ 2DD:8?>6?E H2D D6CG:?8 2D 2? 25G:D@C 2?5 =625 DEC2E68:DE 7@C 2 D6?:@C >:=:E2CJ 4@>>2?56C 2E uE] qC288[ }@CE9 r2C@=:?2] %96s:C64E@C @7 |2C<6E:?8[ y2>6D $6D2J[ 😀 2=D@ 2 G6E6C2? @7 E96 &?:E65 $E2E6D |2C:?6 r@CAD]k^Am

kAm#682C5:?8 E96 @G6C2== 8@2= @7 E96 42>A2:8?[ y2>6D D2JD[ “%@@ @7E6? >2?J @7 FD E2<6 E96 D24C:7:46D E92E =65 E@ @FC :?56A6?56?46 2?5 4FCC6?E 7C665@>D 7@C 8C2?E65] pD 2 4@>A2?J[ H6 H2?E E@ 8@ 23@G6 2?5 36J@?5 E96 ?@C>2= 5:D4@F?ED 2?5 2AAC64:2E:@?D] %9:D J62C[ H6 H2?E E@ ECF=J 8:G6 324< E@ E9@D6 E92E D6CG6 @FC 4@F?ECJ]”k^Am

kAmx? 255:E:@? E@ 24E:G6=J 9:C:?8 G6E6C2?D @7 2== >:=:E2CJ 3C2?496D[ prt w@>6 $6CG:46D 2=D@ 8:G6D 255:E:@?2= 5:D4@F?ED E@ 2== >:=:E2CJ >6>36CD 2?5 7:CDE C6DA@?56CD]k^Am

kAmp3@FE prt w@>6 $6CG:46Dik^Am

kAm(:E9 2? pZ C2E:?8 7C@> E96 qqq[ prt w@>6 $6CG:46D AC@G:56D DFAA@CE 7@C 3FD:?6DD6D 2?5 9@>6D 😕 >@C6 E92? ag 4:E:6D] %96J @776C 2:C4@?5:E:@?:?8 :?DE2==2E:@?[ >2:?E6?2?46 2?5 C6A2:C[ 962E:?8 6BF:A>6?E A=246>6?E[ 32E9C@@> C6>@56=:?8[ H2E6C D@7E6?6CD 2?5 962E6CD[ H2E6C =62< AC@E64E:@?[ 962E:?8 C6A=246>6?E[ 2?5 D@ @?] %96J 2C6 72DE[ 677:4:6?E[ C6=:23=6[ 6IA6C:6?465[ 9:89=J C6=:23=6[ 2?5 E96J 2=H2JD AFE E96 4FDE@>6CD 7:CDE 😕 2== E96J 5@]k^Am

kAmu@C >@C6 :?7@C>2E:@?[ A=62D6 G:D:E E96:C H63D:E6 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2469@>62K]4@>^23@FEFD^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^^2469@>62K]4@>^23@FEFD^k^2mk^Am

kAmp 3C:67 E6DE:>@?:2= 42? 36 7@F?5 96C6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^J@FEF]36^h>e{IC;5@8&Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^^J@FEF]36^h>e{IC ;5@8&k^2mk^Am

kAmp+ u2>:=J }6HD 4@G6C65 E96 a_a` 8:G62H2J 96C6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^J@FEF]36^5~b_*0fA;&cQ C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^^J@ FEF]36^5b_*0fA;&ck^2mk^Am

kAm{@42= u~) `_ }6HD 4@G6C65 E96 a_a_ 8:G62H2J 96C6i k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^J@FEF]36^=uK|44sx*HDQ C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^^ J@FEF]36^=uK|44sx*HDk^2mk^Am

kAm’6E6C2? ?@>:?2E:@?D 42? 36 5@?6 96C6i k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2K46?EC2=]D64@?5DEC66E2AA]4@>^a_aaw@?@C~FC(2CC:@CD$H66ADE2<6D^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^^2K46?EC2=]D64@?5DEC66E2AA]4@>^a_aaw@?@C~FC(2CC:@CD$H66ADE2<6D^k^2mk^Am

kAm|tsxp r~}%pr%ik^Am

kAmy2>6D p $6D2J yCk^Am

kAmprt w@>6 $6CG:46Dk^Am

kAmk2 9C67lQ>2:=E@i;2>6D]D6D2Jo2469@>62K]4@>Qm;2>6D]D6D2Jo2469@>62K]4@>k^2mk^Am

kAm!9@?6 }F>36Ci cg_abcee_ak^Am


kAm}t($ $~&#rti k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]D6?5aAC6DD]4@>^H:C6^AC@7:=6^2469@>6D6CG:46D^Qmprt w@> 6 $6CG:46Dk^2mk^Am


kAm%9:D AC6DD C6=62D6 H2D :DDF65 @? 3692=7 @7 E96 ?6HD D@FC46 Wprt w@>6 $6CG:46DX H9@ :DD@=6=J C6DA@?D:3:=6 7@C :ED 244FC24J[ 3J k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]$6?5a!C6DD]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm$6?5a!C6DD® }6HDH:C6k^2m]x?7@C>2E:@? 😀 36=:6G65 244FC2E6 3FE ?@E 8F2C2?E665]$E@CJ xsi gaeeg p!su#g]ek^Am

kAm© a_aa $6?5a!C6DD®[ 2 AC6DD C6=62D6 2?5 6>2C<6E:?8 D6CG:46 @7 }t~%#~!t®[ r2=:7][ &$p]k^Am

kAm%@ G:6H E96 @C:8:?2= G6CD:@?[ G:D:Ei k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]D6?5aAC6DD]4@>^H:C6^2469@>6D6CG:46D9@?@CD@FCH2CC:@CD3JAC@G:5:?82 ?6H24E@>:=:E2CJG6E6C2?7@CE96bC52??F2=8:G62H2J^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm9EEADi^ ^HHH]D6?5aAC6DD]4@>^H:C6^2469@>6D6CG:46D9@?@CD@FCH2CC:@CD3JAC@G:5:?8 2?6H24E@>:=:E2CJG6E6C2?7@CE96bC52??F2=8:G62H2J^k^2mk^Am


kAmk6>ms:D4=2:>6Ci %9:D AC6DD C6=62D6 4@?E6?E H2D ?@E 4C62E65 3J E96 pDD@4:2E65 !C6DD Wp!X]k^6>mk^Am

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