AC/DC present at AT&T Park in San Francisco renews noise considerations

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — You can expect a busy Friday night on San Francisco streets. Hundreds of bicyclists are expected to hit the city for the monthly Critical Mass ride. And at AT&T Park, AC/DC will hit the stage for the first time in San Francisco 36 years. But for some, it’s not the traffic that’s the issue.

There are renewed noise concerns ahead of the iconic Australian band’s concert. Officials say each tour and artist come with different equipment, leaving technicians to sometimes reinvent the wheel when it comes to reducing noise pollution.

When AC/DC takes the stage at AT&T Park, Kepa Askenasy is hoping the band won’t shake her all night long. She remembers the Rolling Stones concert there in 2005.

“There was an old commercial for some company that makes speakers where the hair went back like this like the wind was coming at them and that’s how it felt here,” she said.

Askenasy says the recent Billy Joel concert also shook her windows about a mile away in Lower Potrero Hill.

“I’m not going to say if I like Billy Joel, the Rolling Stones or ACDC, I’m going to say this is an issue about sound pollution noise pollution,” she said.

Sara Hunt, VP of Giants Enterprises recognizes the issues.

“For Billy Joel we had technicians actually out in the neighborhood taking actual decibel readings,” she said.

Askenasy says she is one of the residents who called a hotline for those technicians but would prefer concert officials adjust the volume in real time.

“It’s not as easy as just turning down a volume knob,” said Hunt.

According to Hunt, officials use the pre-concert sound check to iron out any noise issues ahead of time.

About 50,000 diehard fans are expected to be there, which means a lot of traffic into the city and a late night for neighbors. Gates open at 6 p.m.

The hotline number to issue sound complaints is 415-972-1771.

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