A number of magnificence product critiques from our vanities

Spending on beauty products is nothing short of a lifelong investment that’ll always stick by your side not just through thick and thin, but through summer suns and winter blues, so here are a few beauty product reviews tried, tested and trusted by us here at Lifestyle Asia India.

‘Shop till you drop’ is the only mantra that pops into mind when we walk past those cosmetic aisles. It is hard to reason with a beauty connoisseur- no matter how stocked up our vanities may be, if I spot a new brand on the block I know it’ll end up either in my skincare or my makeup routine. It takes a rigid trial and error method to score a perfect 10 when it comes to fixing a beauty regime, and with plenty of brands joining the bracket it just gets harder, but you won’t hear us complaining. There may be a thousand new entrants in the beauty bracket but the journey from add to cart, unboxing to swatching it will always be exciting and that is the beauty of it all. There sure is a lot of noise in the beauty scape, but finding your perfect match amidst the hassle is the real challenge. With that said, considering how overwhelming the beauty industry is right now, we decided to take notes and make a choice that might help you steer through this saturated space, and I believe we chose well! So, here are a few recently launched beauty products on Lifestyle Asia India’s radar.

A few beauty product reviews that’ll help you make the right decision

Typsy Beauty Silk Cushion Blush


There is nothing like a good blush tint to complete your entire look, and Typsy Beauty’s Silk Cushion Blush is not one to disappoint. For starters, the product had me at the dual nature of its application, it is not just a mere tint, but it is a tint with highlighting properties in it. Infused with the richness of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, the product treats the skin well. Plus the application is the best part, the sponge on the top offers a hassle-free and quick application. It’s suitable for all skin types, and especially for the ones who are actively looking for a hint of shine and a pop of colour for their cheekbones.

Shade: Strawberry Champagne

Price: INR1,200

Pro tip: Focus more on the cheek bones to get the highlighter effect too.

Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort Body Care collection


Yes, the entire range is a hit! I thought nothing could surpass those Rare Beauty blushes until I stumbled upon their body care range, especially the Find Comfort body lotion, hand cream, and body & hair mist. As per what the name suggests, the products are nothing short of rare gems. The non-greasy, hydrating formula and refreshing scent of the hand cream and body lotion are what gave it a free pass to my body care routine in the first place. It leaves a nourishing effect for hours after application without feeling heavy or sticky. Furthermore, the body and hair mist complement the two well, and if you are one to use mists before heading to bed, this might be the one for you. Plus, I’d be lying if I said the aesthetic packaging didn’t cloud my judgment a little.

Products and price-

Find Comfort Body Lotion: INR 3,500

Find Comfort Hand Cream: INR 2,200

Find Comfort Body & Hair Mist: INR 3,400

Pro Tip: The mist is the perfect companion before you go to bed (it’s my sleep scent), don’t go overboard with the reapplication of the hand cream in a day, especially during summer.

Dab-To-Fab Spark Change Moisturiser


This one sure did spark some change in my skincare routine! People with acne-prone skin always find themselves in a battle with an oily texture and Dab-to-Fab’s moisturiser helps you ease out the skin imbalances. It is lightweight, hydrating and soothing to the skin. Spark Change is perfect for someone struggling with an oily skin type, courtesy of the long-lasting hydration and calmness it leaves post-application.

Product: Dab-To-Fab Spark Change Moisturiser

Price: INR 2,650

Pro Tip: If you have an oily skin type, don’t think twice, just go for it! But if you prefer a slightly thick formula this might not suit that criteria.

Revoir Re-plenish Hydrate and Glow face mist


It is all in the name-hydrate and re-plenish! Speaking of beauty products currently on our radar Revoir’s multipurpose face mist has found a permanent spot on my skincare shelf, courtesy of the pH-balancing ingredients and antioxidants in the formula. It is easily one of the most calming and refreshing face mists to come across, and the spritz has a magnetic fragrance too providing us with yet another reason to give this one a nod. Someone dealing with excess sebum will benefit from this mist as it has all the right ingredients and texture to rule out any impurities, and I can easily see myself reordering this one.

Product: Hydrate and Glow Face Mist

Price: INR 1,900

Pro tip: Can easily replace all your toners and face mists, keep this handy during summers!

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