6 magnificence manufacturers innovating in area of interest classes

Shakeup Cosmetics

Niche: Men’s cosmetics

The brand’s cofounders Jake and Shane Xu set up the disruptive men’s indie brand Shakeup Cosmetics in November 2019 in a bid to help ‘normalise’ the use of makeup/hybrid cosmetics for men.

The twins had suffered with rosacea and acne, so knew firsthand how much the skin conditions could affect confidence levels. In a bid to help others suffering from skin issues, they developed a range of skincare products to manage the condition and hybrid makeup products to help disguise redness and spots.  

Shakeup has quickly expanded since its launch five years ago and the brand’s innovative concept has helped it win retail deals with the likes of Harvey Nichols, Superdrug and Tmall.


Niche ​Sexual wellness-beauty

Intimate care brand Maude has created a range of products that neatly straddles both ‘taboo beauty’ and intimate wellness – from vagina-friendly bath soaks to condoms for sensitive skin types, to candles.  

The brand also touches upon the ‘ugly beauty’ niche category with products like Soothe Calming Ingrown Hair Oil, to tackle a troublesome but often underserved area of pesky ingrown hairs and all the misery they can bring.

But Maude isn’t the only trailblazer within this niche. Other brands that have been innovating in intimate care and sexual wellness include British brand WooWoo with its pH-balanced, dermatologist tested wax strips, body scrub, washes, wipes, oils and hair removal creams formulated to maintain a healthy intimate biome; the US brand Dame which combines intimate personal care with sex toys, as well as the vaginal health and sexual wellness brand Kindra, which is funded by P&G ventures.

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