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5 High-Rated Funeral Properties in San Francisco 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading funeral homes in San Francisco. To help you find the best funeral parlors near you in San Francisco, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

San Francisco’s Best Funeral Directors:

The top rated funeral homes in San Francisco are:

  • Driscoll’s Mortuary in Valencia St. Serra – full of staff who speak both English and Spanish and offers the service of sending loved ones to Central America, Mexico, Europe and the Philippines.
  • Funeral home of the garden chapel – A 60 year old funeral service in San Francisco creating a “Book of Memories” that can be viewed permanently online for you and your loved ones.
  • San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home – notable for its columbarium with a remarkable architectural style in San Francisco.
  • Mortuary on Green Street – mainly handles Chinese funerals and has its own marching band.
  • Duggan’s memorial service – a funeral home wholly owned by the San Franciscans and experienced in handling various funeral rites in religion and culture.

Driscoll’s Mortuary in Valencia St. Serra

Funeral home in San Francisco

Driscoll’s Mortuary on Valencia Street Serra is a well-known morgue in San Francisco that has served the community with compassion and care for years. It is a family owned and operated funeral home that provides comprehensive funeral and cremation services to bereaved families. Driscoll’s Morgue on Valencia Street Serra offers free pre-planning advice to see if you are satisfied with their services first and is one of the most affordable traditional funerals in San Francisco.


Address: 1465 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 970 8801
Website: driscollsmortuary.com


“I’ve been here for numerous services. Very spacious comfort facility. The presentation was beautiful, from the flowers to their favorite background music. “- Donald Bradley

Funeral home of the garden chapel

Funeral home in San Francisco

Funeral home of the garden chapel Serving grieving families in San Francisco for over 60 years with dignity and awe. You design the most appropriate memorial and funeral service that shows the life achievements and experiences of deceased loved ones. The Garden Chapel funeral directors also offer a permanent online memorial called The Book of Memories, which you and your friends can use to archive your precious photos and unforgettable memories. They are a one stop shop funeral home as they make all the necessary arrangements and prepare any paperwork required for the worship service.


Address: 885 El Camino Real, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: (650) 583 2510
Website: gardenchapel885.com


“I was very impressed and grateful for the beautiful services of the garden chapel. We had a great experience working with them. Everyone was very helpful and nice. “- Joseph Torillo

San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home

San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home has been known for its columbarium since 1898 for its remarkable architectural style. The San Francisco Columbarium is still considered to be one of the most valuable architectural treasures in California. They decided to build the funeral home in 2016 to provide funeral and cremation services to the community as well. They will guide you and enable you to personally pay tribute to your deceased loved one. After your meeting, they will add their own touch to offer you a unique tribute that highlights the passion and personality of your loved one.


Address: 1 Loraine Ct, San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: (415) 771 0717
Website: Würdememorial.com


“My father was laid to rest here. I sometimes find it useful to visit him, and I myself think about having myself buried here. “- Raven Winchell

Mortuary on Green Street

best funeral home in San Francisco

Mortuary on Green Street respects and cherishes the family’s cultural traditions. This morgue adds to the considerations in holding a tribute to the dead culture and has extensive experience in dealing with funeral services for the Chinese and Italian communities. Their staff are familiar with all kinds of Chinese funeral traditions and are fluent in various languages ​​including English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Toisan. Green Street Mortuary’s own marching band pays tribute to the centuries-old tradition of accompanying funeral procession in San Francisco’s Chinatown.


Address: 649 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 433 5692
Website: Würdememorial.com


“Excellent service, very quick and well organized. All workers knew what they were doing to make the day smooth and not chaotic, especially on this occasion. “- Bendy’s dark revival

Duggan’s memorial service

San Francisco's best funeral home

Duggan’s memorial service prides itself on being the only San Francisco funeral home wholly owned by the San Franciscans. They employ and offer training programs for San Franciscans who want to get into this type of business and who want to learn in depth how to properly serve their customers by exploring different cultures. Duggan’s funeral home is constantly striving to learn and hire directors who speak different languages ​​and have knowledge and experience of Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Hindu and Muslim funeral rites.


Address: 3434 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 431 4900
Website: duggansfuneralservice.com


“I felt like they really cared about it and were very helpful throughout the process. No problems here. “- Kolby Niedzielski

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