5 Greatest Handyman in Indianapolis🥇

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Below is a list of the best and leading artisans in Indianapolis. To help you find the best handyman near you in Indianapolis, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

Indianapolis’ best craftsman:

The top rated artisans in Indianapolis are:

  • Home Maintenance Pros, LLCs – The reputation is based on every single job
  • A-good handyman service – Provides high quality service at a reasonable cost
  • Pretty hand – delivers the quality you would expect
  • Indy Urban Renovations LLC – offers excellent service and creative solutions
  • Becht Pride Residential Services – is fully committed to meeting your needs

Home Maintenance Pros, LLC

Home Maintenance Pros, LLCHome Maintenance Pros, LLC. Source: Screenshot from www.homemaintenancepros.com

Home Maintenance Pros, LLC treats every work as its name is on it and it is. Your reputation is based on every single job. The goal of every job is to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable during the process. They are great at what they do and have decades of experience repairing homes inside and out. However, it is not just what they know that matters, but an exceptional level of care and respect for your home.

They back up their work with a one-year guarantee – if it breaks within a year of the day they repaired it, the work is theirs. Your passion and vision are the best maintenance work for your home. By being personal, taking care of their job, keeping you in the loop throughout the process, and being committed to their work – long after they’ve finished the job.


Installation & assembly, doors & windows, assembly & hanging, plumbing, electrics, kitchen & bathroom, drywall & painting, exterior, time, household appliances, carpentry, smart home


Address: 8520 Allison Pointe Blvd # 220, Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 500-7835


“Very nice looking job waterproofing / staining my deck. Shows up to work on time as promised and does thorough job. Recommend. “- Jeffrey F.

A-good handyman service

A-good handyman serviceA-good handyman service. Source: Screenshot from www.a-goodhandyman.com

A-good handyman service offers high quality service at a reasonable cost. Their customers consider their prices to be the lowest of the companies doing similar work. Their customers’ loyalty is shown by the fact that their company regularly receives repeated calls from multiple customers and word of mouth recommendations often complement their quality of work.

At A-Good Handyman Service, customer satisfaction has the highest priority. They serve homeowners and business owners alike. and perform a wide variety of services.


Replacement of plumbing fixtures, replacement of electrical installations, replacement of windows and doors, repair and replacement of drywall, replacement of floor coverings, repairs and replacement of roofs, verandas and roof cladding, carpentry, wood paneling, crown moldings and installation of base plates, ADA-compliant installations and conversions


Phone: ((765) 631-2592


“It was great to deal with Tom on a recent storm door replacement on the back of my house. He works quickly, cleanly and thoroughly. A friendly person to deal with and who I would recommend to anyone in need of a handyman. “- Hugh W.

Pretty handy

Source: PexelsSource: Pexels

Pretty handy is a small craft company based in Indianapolis. Brett delivers the quality you would expect from a craftsman who takes pride in their work and customer service tailored to their customers’ needs. He knows what it takes to be on time and on time. Brett also knows that life is busy, and finding time to fix it can be stressful and difficult.

To relieve that stress, he offers innovative services like video conferencing for offering meetings and live streaming video while he works. His goal is to do honest work that is well done.


Assembly, preventive maintenance, carpentry & construction, season, flooring, structural repairs, installations


Address: Indianapolis, IN 46201


“Prompt response. Appropriate estimate of the offer. Highly recommended!” – CD

Indy Urban Renovations LLC

Indy Urban Renovations LLCIndy Urban Renovations LLC. Source: Screenshot from www.indyurbanrenovations.com

Indy Urban Renovations LLC is a small, locally owned and managed family business that focuses on all aspects of home renovation, repair and remodeling. Their top priority is providing first class customer service and providing excellent services and creative solutions to your repair, renovation and remodeling needs.

From your first contact with them through to completion, they want to make this an easy and painless process for you. Always offering a fresh, new and unique point of view, Indy Urban Renovations LLC looks for creative ways to solve even your toughest problem.


Plumbing, electrics, painting, remodeling, craftsmen & maintenance, custom work


Address: 6252 La Pas Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46268
(317) 746-6884


“Jeremy was one of several contractors I called for general handyman services. He was only one of two who returned my call (the other returned my call a week later). He arrived on time, both for the offer and to get the job done. The job was completed in less time than expected. The workmanship was great – everything looks fantastic. I would – and will – employ him again and would be happy to recommend him to others. “- Jennifer G.

Becht Pride Residential Services

Becht Pride Residential ServicesBecht Pride Residential Services. Source: Screenshot from www.bechtprideresidential.com

Becht Pride Residential Services has served thousands of customers in the greater Indianapolis area. From simple leaks in the pipes to major renovations in the bathroom, the employees are fully committed to meeting your requirements. You have served the Greater Indianapolis Area since 2012 with the utmost respect and integrity.

Your friendly, insured and committed craftsmen appear on time and are committed to your customer satisfaction. All of their general contractors and craftsmen are experienced in maintenance, installation and a wide variety of home improvement. So many homeowners have been burned by contractors and they believe that running an ethical business is the most important thing they can do.

All of their employees are screened, have passed criminal background checks and validated through references and experience.


Craftsmen, decks, staining decks and fences, hanging and repairing drywall, repairing fences, cleaning gutters, painting, power washing, remodeling, window cleaning


Address: 5601 S Meridian St Suite d, Indianapolis, IN 46217
(317) 242-9017


“From the contact with the owner Ben to the craftsman who showed up at my door on time and was called Karl, everything went so smoothly. I presented my list to Ben, he chose Karl and he was the perfect choice for this list. Karl was very knowledgeable and efficient !! He had my entire list, which I had accumulated for mos, done in 2 hours. I will definitely keep a list and let him come back. “- Marlena T.


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