5 Finest Handyman in JacksonvillešŸ„‡

Below is a list of the best and leading artisans in Jacksonville. To help you find the best handyman near you in Jacksonville, we’ve created our own list based on this review score list.

Jacksonville’s Best Craftsman:

The top rated artisans in Jacksonville are:

  • The helpful craftsman – makes the process easy and enjoyable for you
  • Mr. Handyman in the Jacksonville area – is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance solutions for your home
  • Jacksonville Handyman Services – Provides professional, quality service to Jacksonville homeowners
  • A craftsman plus – is a complete service company that offers comprehensive services
  • Handy-Man Residential Services – has more than 15 years of experience in the craft industry

The helpful craftsmanThe helpful craftsman

The helpful craftsmanThe aim is to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. They are a full service company with an A + Better Business Bureau rating. They have been based in Jacksonville, Florida for more than 30 years, so they have a wide range of experience. The helpful handyman can help you with any kind of home repairs from broken windows to wood rot and much more.

No job is too small for them to get out of. They also do home renovations and kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces are our specialty. From a complete renovation to replacing the worktop to painting the interior or exterior, hanging sheetrock or doors, they look forward to being part of your next home project.


Interior remodeling, home repairs, interior and exterior painting


Phone: (904) 705-2382


ā€œJared was professional, efficient, and affordable. He finished the job I had hired him for so quickly that I asked him to work on some additional assignments. I highly recommend Jared! ā€œ- Katie

Mr. Handyman in the Jacksonville areaMr. Handyman in the Jacksonville area

Mr. Handyman in the Jacksonville area is your one-stop shop for a full range of repair and maintenance solutions for your home. The technicians are highly skilled craftsmen so you can be sure that they will get the job right the first time. They want to be your first call when needs arise. Hence, maintaining and building your trust is a top priority and has a lot to do with how they approached this business. That’s why they do a lot of things that others just don’t do for their clients, and why they call you after every job to make sure it was done to your satisfaction.


Maintenance and repair of commercial and residential buildings


Phone: (904) 329-7535


ā€œI was very pleased with the service from Mr. Handyman. I made an appointment and was contacted a few times before my appointment to see if they could come over early to get the job done. Unfortunately, I wasn’t available, but it meant a lot to know that Mr. Handyman remembered me today and wasn’t just treating me like a number on the day of my service. Frank was on time and very professional. He finished the job on time and was very friendly. He helped me understand the materials needed for my next project and helped me with a quote before leaving. I was very pleased with the service from Mr. Handyman. “- Beverly K.

Jacksonville Handyman ServicesSource - Pexels

Jacksonville Handyman Services provides professional, high quality services to Jacksonville homeowners covering a wide range of repair, remodeling, and home improvement services for the interior and exterior of your home. Your company is a licensed general contractor based in Jacksonville, Florida. The highly skilled contractors will review your project and home requirements and complete each project on time.

They use the latest home maintenance products and equipment on the market. The technicians have a high standard of their work and make sure that the work is done correctly. Jacksonville Handyman Services’ highly skilled handyman can repair and install many items in your home.


Bathroom, carpentry, closets, electrics, flooring, kitchens, painting, windows


Phone: (904) 201-9738


ā€œKevin and Deon are excellent, they professionally installed my attic ladder, even though my contractor has a lousy craft ship with attic access. They were so good that I hired them to come back and put plywood floors in my attic. Well done! Highly recommended if you want your crafting services to be done right! “- Louis W.

A craftsman plusSource - Pexels

A craftsman plus is a full service company that offers comprehensive services that go well beyond general repairs and property maintenance. Fixing and fixing things is their specialty with the craftsmen improvement services. Your professional handyman and qualified partner can remodel, upgrade, install, repair, or fix almost anything related to your home repair or remodeling project.

They have everything you need to fix your home and business the way you like and anything you want. They have over 35 years of industry experience and pride themselves on being one of the most trusted and trusted names in the industry.


Craftsman repairs, house renovations, construction work


Phone: (904) 803-3085


ā€œA Handyman Plus completely remodeled an apartment in my building and it was such a beautiful, well-done job that I wanted them to do mine too. They helped me with some great ideas and suggestions. Your network partners are carefully selected for their craftsmanship and integrity. I am very happy. “- EB

Handy-Man Residential ServicesHandy-Man Residential Services

Handy-Man Residential Services has more than 15 years of experience in the craft industry and is your industry expert based in Jacksonville, FL. He prides himself on his extreme professionalism and attention to detail. He can guarantee you customer satisfaction and will not stop until the work is done correctly. He works hard to ensure that all of his services are efficient and inexpensive.

At Handy-man Residential Services, he can assure you that he will get his quality job done efficiently, whether you are looking for someone to do electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, plumbing, drywall and faucet repairs.


Craftsmen, installations, repairs, cabinet organization service, garage organization service


Phone: (904) 472-3758


“Hands down the ‘BEST’ in town! I’ve had the privilege of using Handy-man services many times. Phenomenal work! Great experience! Very detailed with great customer service! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – Hayes C.


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