5 Enjoyable Details About Plumbing. Actually. It is Not All as Uninteresting as Dishwater.

Regular plumbing maintenance and repairs are vital to ensure that you and your family live comfortably in your home. But as a subject, it’s pretty boring. Law? Not correct. The folks at Victoria Plum have given us some fun facts about the area and special skills. and it’s not all as boring as dish water. Tap on the facts below and soon you will be telling all your friends about your plumbing expertise.

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1st way back in 3,000 BC Historians have traced the beginnings of plumbing back to the 3rd millennium BC. We are talking about the early to the middle Bronze Age. When the ancient Sumerians were among the first to make tools and weapons in this prehistoric era, a form of installation was also invented. Archaeologists have viewed this era as the “Indus Valley Civilization” and it is believed that their installers at the time have lineages in northern India and Pakistan.

What is fascinating is that this was at least a thousand years before the Giza Pyramids were formed. Humanity had some form of proto-sanitary system long before any of the world’s “advanced” ancient civilizations made its greatest achievements in history.

2. Modern sanitation was a little late: Modern sanitation saw amazing innovations in the 16th century. In this remarkable part of said century, John Harrington invented what was then and still is known as the “flush toilet”. Another reason why a colloquially accepted pseudonym for the flush toilet is “John” has to do with the name of its inventor.

3. Pipe insulation works: Are you all too familiar with turning on the faucet and wasting sparkling water until it reaches the warm temperature preferred for your bath? You can avoid heat loss and water waste by having your home’s pipes insulated. Pipe insulation is generally used at freezing temperatures. But you can also rely on this in cold weather. Pipes are generally “wrapped” to prevent them from getting cold and / or frozen.

This allows the water flowing through them to get less cold. Waiting for the tap to warm up will take less time if your house has insulated pipes.

Five interesting facts about plumbing.  Really.

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4. Flushing toilets is one of the most wasted water in a household Source: Did you know that flush toilets are one of the appliances in your home that wastes the most volume of water? This does not mean that you should stop flushing. Oh no no However, there is a practical solution to this problem. Instead of building it yourself, call your plumber and have them check the toilet flush.

If too much H20 is being used than is required per flush, they can set up a rigging to act as a stopper. In this way, the water stops bubbling unnecessarily after the flushing mechanism has already taken place.

5. Wastewater drip taps more than you know: You may think that leaky faucets don’t need to be fixed. According to studies, unattended, leaky faucets waste about 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes. To put that in perspective, that’s 768 ounces (six gallons) of water lost every 24 hours. As a result, it is recommended that you contact your plumbing professional to have them checked for leaking faucets in your home as soon as possible.

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