49ers considered buying and selling for Sam Darnold earlier than transferring up in draft

The 49ers are looking for a new quarterback, and one of the options they considered was trading with Sam Darnold.

According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, San Francisco had “some internal discussion” about Darnold before deciding to trade transport to the Dolphins to move up nine spots on the NFL Draft from # 12 to # 3. It’s unclear how much you actually thought about trading for the Jets quarterback – or how much they would have offered – but at least they were interested. The 49ers also found that the Jets weren’t ready to get off the # 2 overall pick, despite never actually asking for the pick prior to the Dolphins trade.

It makes sense that the 49ers are connected to the Jets via Darnold. The 49ers clearly want to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo and have a relationship with the Jets after Robert Saleh moved to New York. This report also shows that the Jets will shop Darnold and will definitely draw a quarterback with their choice. We’ll have to wait until the late April draft to see if it’s true, and it’s unclear when or if Darnold will be traded, especially after another report stated that the Jets could keep Darnold regardless of who choose them.

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