36 Magnificence Merchandise With Outcomes So Magical, They May As Effectively Have Been Made In A Cauldron

This product does not promise to work overnight. Apply this daily 2–3 times a day as long as needed. Be sure to be patient as the healing process takes time!

Talk to your doctor before attempting to treat your keloid on your own, and learn more about keloids from Cleveland Clinic.

Oh! BTW, I bought this. Last year I got a dermal piercing on my chest and since literally just about every piercing I’ve ever gotten has grown a keloid on it, I should have known my dermal would eventually, too. I got the piercing in February of 2023 and around May I noticed a nasty, stubborn little bump making a guest appearance on my piercing. 🙄 I had written about this stuff a few times so the light bulb went off and I immediately bought it. I consistently used it twice a day and it gradually disappeared, literally like magic within a month. Keloids are a serious nightmare and I’m so glad that I found this stuff. I even *accidentally* ripped it out in November and immediately grabbed this to prevent a keloid from forming cuz I just knew it’d get infected. To my surprise, no keloid, nada. You do have to be patient and consistent, this is NOT an overnight miracle but it’s worth it. I also suggest that you continue to use it for like another week or two even after your keloid goes away juuust in case it tries to sneak back into your life. I haven’t had issues with my piercing since and no more have grown. 

Get it from Amazon for $12.85+ (available in multipacks).

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