36 Magnificence Merchandise That Outshine Model Names

Plus, one cosmetologist reviewer says it’s comparable to salon deep conditioners!

Promising reviews:Better than the expensive K18 and Olaplex. I recently spent $70 on a hair mask because my hair has been in need of some love. I won’t name it because I don’t think I can, but I thought, ‘It’s 70 bucks, so it must be good.’ It was NOT. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t do much for me. So I thought, ‘Screw it, let me try something more natural and drugstore.’ I saw the good reviews on this, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ And now I have my new favorite hair mask. So moisturizing. Makes my hair so soft. It’s VERY thick. But that’s what I wanted. If you’re looking for deep hydration, look no further.” —Kirstin

“I don’t usually leave reviews, but I had to because I love this conditioner so much. I have EXTREMELY dry 4c hair. It’s very picky with products. After getting to know my hair, I noticed that my hair only likes products that get absorbed into the hair right away. If it leaves a coating over it, then my hair is not going to like it. It might even feel super soft for a day, but then it gets extremely dry after. Even though this product is super thick (so thick that the cream stays in the jar when you flip it upside down), my hair absorbs everything, and it stays super moisturized for 2–3 days afterward. I used this on my hair about two days ago. Today, I touched my hair, expecting it to feel dry like always, but it felt like I just moisturized it. MIND BLOWN. It also smells AMAZING. It smells more like a fruity, sweet, and creamy perfume fragrance rather than a hair conditioner. It almost reminds me of Mon Guerlain. Literally, the nicest-smelling hair product I’ve ever used. 10/10″ —Khady Ndiaye

Get it from Amazon for $10.05.

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