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According to the Cleveland Clinic, some researchers have found rosemary oil to be as effective at encouraging hair growth as Rogaine! And read more about how biotin could help with the fullness of hair at Cleveland Clinic

Every year, without fail, I experience a flaky, dry scalp at the end of winter/early spring. I’ve tried so many things throughout the years, but after putting this hair oil in a post, I convinced myself that I should try it. I was hesitant because my hair does have a tendency to get a bit oily (oily hair and a dry scalp, can I pick a struggle?!), but I figured I’d take the plunge. 

I am so glad I did. I’ve had this hair oil for three weeks, and NO FLAKY SCALP!!! No itchiness! Here’s what I will say, tho: I have to be careful about when I choose to use this. I’m usually the kind of person who if I’m going out for the day with friends, shower and wash my hair beforehand so my hair is clean and damp before styling. When I used the oil then, it did make my hair look greasy after styling. Now, what I do is wash my hair the night before, apply the oil, and let my hair air dry. The next morning, it’s ready to style and doesn’t look greasy! Not sure why this works better, but it just does!

Promising review: “I hardly write reviews, but this one deserves to be written about!! My hair was falling out a LOT, and somehow, just with the FIRST application onwards, I started seeing less fallout. And now, after four months, I can see hair growth as well, and my hair is already looking thicker!! And I’ve been using it only once a week. Just a few drops and massaging in. OMG, how can anything be so simple and yet so effective!!! Amazing! Amazing!!! Whoever invented this…hats off!!” —Dee

Get it from Amazon for $9.27.

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