25 Magnificence Merchandise That Reviewers Say Give Seen Outcomes

This works for all types of hair, even if it’s dyed! It’s recommended to use two to three times a week. For fine to medium textured hair, apply one dose; for thick to curly textured hair, apply two to three, and apply one more dose for long hair.

Promising reviews: “I don’t use this as often as recommended, but I still see results. After the first time I used it, I noticed that my hair was softer and less dry, especially my ends, which are damaged from regular dyeing. I also feel like using it a few days after dyeing my hair helps lock in the color more. The effects of this lamellar water last for several days, and I feel like it has helped improve my hair in the month-and-a-half that I have been using it.” —T

“I had purchased this item as it was a recommendation from an article I read, and I wanted to try it as I have somewhat ‘damaged’ hair from coloring and age. I thought what do I have to lose, it’s not a big investment. I probably keep it in more than 8 seconds, but less than 30, and I didn’t use the full 1 oz. dose they recommend. I was concerned about my hair having no body, but it doesn’t affect that at all. My hair is visibly shiner and healthier from using this product, I noticed it the first time i used it. I would recommend this product.” —jcyawo

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