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12 DIY Pest Control That Won’t Work

If ever you’re wondering why it’s not working, these DIY pest controls won’t work. Taking control of the situation when dealing with pests may be overly ambitious. Swatting is simple, and spraying pesticides is simple. It isn’t, however, the solution to the most significant DIY pest control problems.

Let’s talk about the 12 DIY pest controls that you think are helpful and can worsen the situation. Then, if unwanted pests are creeping in and around your home, solve it right.

12 DIY Pest Control That Won’t Work

We’re all guilty of attempting pest control on our own in our homes and businesses. There’s nothing wrong with pesticides if they’re used correctly. Most mouse traps, ant chalks, and spray pesticides, unfortunately, will never eliminate pest problems. It may work for a while, but the bugs will eventually return.

So, what are those DIY pest controls that would only work as a band aid solution?

DIY Pest Control #1 – Place mouse traps in high-traffic areas.

A rat or mouse will occasionally come out into the open, but they prefer to stay close to walls and corners. After all, it’s in their nature to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Mouse traps should be placed against walls, behind furniture, and in tight corners if you wish to catch mice.

DIY Pest Control #2 – Overload traps with bait.

Rats and mice are likely to enjoy the smells of cheese and peanut butter, but it’s not a good idea to over-bait your trap. When a trap is overcrowded with bait, it can malfunction, allowing the creature to escape.

A small amount of bait is enough to entice your pest. You don’t have to put a cheese bar or a spoonful of peanut butter. Just a little is enough just to let your target smell the bait.

DIY Pest Control #3 – Dangerous pesticides or raticide.

Pesticides are widely available in convenience and supermarket stores. However, these are hazardous. It can cause more harm than good, especially if you have children or animals who are curious.

The World Health Organization estimates that 3 million people get poisoned by pesticides. The majority of these cases are because of overzealous and inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. Pesticides and raticide have strong chemical ingredients that pose a severe threat to health and the environment.

Don’t let your DIY pest control jeopardize your home’s or your health’s safety. It is best to use biological controls (such as scents, tastes, and oils) or hire an eco-friendly pest control company.

DIY Pest Control #4 – Forgetting to treat fleas and ticks around your home

A smart place to start is by treating your pet for fleas or ticks with a veterinarian-recommended medicine. It will not, however, solve or prevent the problem. You’ll also need to get rid of any fleas or ticks that might be hiding in your house or yard, and make sure they don’t come back.

DIY Pest Control #5 – Ignoring what you can’t see.

Many people feel they will always be able to detect the presence of bugs in their home, which is understandable. You’d think that a pest infestation would be obvious right away, but bugs are surprisingly adept at concealing their presence. They’ve learned to be far smarter than you might think in order to live within your house and steal from your belongings while remaining undetected.

While you may only be able to prepare for the infestation that you can see, considerable damage can happen before you even realize it. Worse yet, you may be concentrating primarily on the visible regions of the infestation.

Then, you’ve missed the more significant infestation hiding behind walls or beneath floorboards. Thus, a thorough inspection by a San Jose pest control expert is essential to detect hidden pest infestations.

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Don’t put too much faith in do-it-yourself pest control. It’s important to use a professional exterminator like Expel Exterminator LLC if you’re having problems getting rid of bugs. We have the knowledge and skills to deal with your individual pest problem and develop a safe and efficient solution.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with doing your own pest management. They are, however, the only effective preventive and maintenance procedures available to protect your property from pests. A comprehensive inspection and environmentally friendly pest control chemicals are the best ways to get rid of pests on your property.

After all, we all want to live in a home free and safe from any unwanted pests. At Expel Exterminator LLC, we prioritize the safety of your family! Contact us today to book an appointment or get a quote.

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