10 Reasons Your Website is Driving Customers Away

In this article, we talk about why your website is driving customers away. So you’ve created a website, but it appears to be repelling customers. 

If you don’t keep improving your site and upgrading it as trends change, you risk losing a significant number of clients.

When it comes to website layout and usability, it’s simple to say “good enough.” We consider it “good” because everything appears to be in functioning order. However, we forget that having a decent website means being able to convert traffic into sales or completing a contract with a potential client. So, here are the top ten mistakes that could make your website’s visitors tremble.

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

Why fix something that isn’t broken? But what if you can’t see the issue and don’t realize something is wrong until it’s too late? As a result, website audit is essential for any company paying for traffic or promoting their site. You won’t notice anything odd at first glance. However, when you examine the statistics, you’ll notice what your potential clients are doing.

The primary goal of creating and launching a site is to drive traffic to it. The second goal is to ensure that the users stay on the site, look around the website, and ultimately register for an offer or purchase the product or service. 

But these are all impossible if your clients are going away or closing the tab of your website. There are lots of possibilities why a web visitor suddenly leaves a website. 

Your website is driving customers away because of outdated designs.

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to websites. If your website gives the idea that it hasn’t been updated since the dawn of the internet, you’re in trouble.

An outdated website can lead visitors to believe that your company is on its road to extinction. Thus, it is crucial to hire a professional web designer walnut creek to help you build your website. These experts execute the best practices to maintain and continuously update any website.

Your website is not mobile-friendly and responsive.

People are utilizing smartphones in greater numbers than ever before. They utilize them to explore content and seek for products. You’re turning away prospective clients if your website isn’t responsive to devices other than computers. To avoid insulting potential clients, make sure your website is responsive on all devices.

Your website is driving customers away because of complicated navigation.

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too many alternatives in the navigation. Consider what you need to promote and what should be on the homepage instead. If visitors are unable to locate what they require or desire, they will most likely seek it out elsewhere.

Imagine shopping in a store, but you can’t seem to find what you want to buy. The same goes for web visitors. If you fail to show them what you can offer to solve their problems, your website is useless.

Your website is full of grammatical errors.

Always check the grammar of your website. We sometimes replace “your” with “you’re” on some blogs and even web content. Aside from being embarrassing, it sounds too unprofessional. Make sure you do yourself a favor and create compelling content on your website.

Your website is driving customers away because there are no CTA buttons.

The person you want to attract might not leave your site right away because they can’t find a call-to-action. Your web visitors can’t find a way to check out their items or contact your team. Always give your customers a way to go to the “next step.” Don’t make your leads guess to navigate them through your site by providing relevant and current CTA’s.

More reasons why your website is driving customers away here

You’ve got it, the top reasons your website is driving customers away. Are you ready to take your next move? Contact us and let us help you with web design that converts. 

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