10 Minutes with … Hollywood Hair Bar on What’s Trending in Magnificence and Cosmetics

License Global: Can you share some background about Hollywood Hair Bar? 

Rose Dean: Hollywood Hair Bar (HHB) is a $50 million viral brand. With over 1 million units sold, we have been a No. 1 beauty brand online for over five years. HHB has over 80,000 5-star reviews, with a huge following and a subscribers list of two million women and children eager to support the brand. With over 20 million visitors to our site and over one billion online impressions, HHB is a powerhouse. Now the brand is branching out into the world of licensing to create an entire world of beauty in all categories, including products, hair accessories, hair tools, a full character brand and more. 

I was inspired to create Hollywood Hair Bar, Hollywood Skin Bar and Hollywood Bath Bar after years of looking for the perfect beauty products that really worked and were formulated with all-natural ingredients – and still seeing a void in the industry for products that performed. Starting with the No. 1 regrowth product, the Regrowth Serum, I launched a full skincare line so that women, men and kids everywhere would be able to glow. I focused on a wide range of all-natural products that traditionally were not available on the market, and created formulas that work for all skin types. We historically changed the game in the area of hair growth products, and are now ready to take over the world of licensing. Most importantly, we create beauty products to inspire. 


What is trending for beauty and cosmetics? 

In 2024, the beauty and cosmetics industry is seeing several key trends that are shaping the market. Focusing on hair and skin health. Consumers are increasingly interested in products that promote hair health, including treatments for the scalp, strengthening masks and gentle hair care products. We are in the natural products era. With the consumer being very savvy, they are looking for all-natural products that truly work. Hollywood Hair Bar has a reputation for standing behind all-natural products that make a difference in the consumer’s life because of the innovation and quality ingredients in each product. 

As a Black woman working in the world of licensing, do you have any advice for anyone who is trying to break into the industry?  

  • Breaking into the licensing industry as a Black woman can be challenging, but there are ways to navigate and succeed in the field.   

  • Network strategically: Build connections with people in the industry. Join professional organizations and online communities focused on licensing.  

  • Seek mentorship: Find mentors who can offer guidance and support as you navigate the industry. Mentors can provide advice on career growth and introduce you to valuable contacts.  

  • Emphasize diversity and inclusion: Use your position to advocate for diversity and inclusion within the industry. Your unique perspective can be a valuable asset in bringing new ideas and fresh approaches to the table.  

  • Leverage social media: Use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with industry professionals, share insights and promote your work.  

  •  Develop strong negotiation skills: Licensing involves negotiation, so it’s essential to build your negotiation skills. Practice advocating for yourself and the value you bring to the table.  

  •  Confidence in your worth: Recognize your value and expertise, and don’t be afraid to negotiate for what you deserve. Confidence in your abilities is key when pursuing opportunities.  

Remember, breaking into the licensing industry may take time and persistence. By leveraging your strengths, building strong networks and staying informed, you can pave the way for a successful career in licensing. 

How do you see licensing as a whole changing over the next five years?  

The licensing industry is poised for several changes over the next five years, driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements and a shifting cultural landscape. Brands are increasingly focused on sustainability and ethical practices, and licensing will reflect this trend. Licensees may need to demonstrate eco-friendly production methods and sustainable sourcing.  

There will be a greater demand for diverse and inclusive licensed products and partnerships. Brands will prioritize collaborations that reflect a range of cultures, backgrounds and identities. Brands may shift toward direct-to-consumer licensing models to maintain control over their image and customer relationships. This can include exclusive partnerships with retailers or direct sales through online platforms.  


As the market for digital and virtual products grows, brands will need to strengthen intellectual property protections to safeguard their licensed assets. Consumers are drawn to brands that align with their values and beliefs. Licensing strategies will need to prioritize authenticity and a strong connection with consumers to build brand loyalty.  

Overall, the licensing industry will need to be agile and adaptable to keep pace with changing technologies, consumer expectations and market dynamics. By staying attuned to these trends, licensing professionals can position themselves for success in the coming years. 

What excites you most about creating new collaborations?  

I am extremely excited to access new markets. Collaborations can introduce Hollywood Hair Bar to new audiences and categories. This can help increase my brand’s visibility and expand my customer base. I am ready for fresh creative ideas by bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to the table, enhancing my brand’s appeal.  

I am looking to create stronger, more impactful campaigns to enhance my brand image by partnering with reputable licensors that can position my brand as a leader and a trendsetter in the industry. Product diversification is also a huge priority for me.  


Collaborations can lead to the development of new, diversified products which will help keep my brand fresh and exciting by offering my consumer more variety. Collaborations often involve joint marketing efforts, which can lead to innovative campaigns and strategies that capture my consumers’ attention. I am seeking successful collaborations that will lead to lasting partnerships that benefit my brand in the long term. Collaborations that involve diverse voices and perspectives can help build a more inclusive community around Hollywood Hair Bar. Ultimately, creating new collaborations to license the HHB brand can open numerous opportunities for growth and innovation, helping me stay competitive and relevant in the market. 

What can we expect from Hollywood Hair Bar for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025?  

I am looking to create a full world of beauty. I will continue to offer the most amazing all-natural premium beauty products while securing licensing partnership deals across the world in all categories, including a character brand. I will have an overall message of self-love throughout each product and category that is launched. As Hollywood Hair Bar sits at the top of the umbrella of additional brands, Hollywood Skin Bar, Hollywood Bath Bar, Hollywood Glam Dolls and Hollywood Babies, I want to continue to innovate and reinvent this powerhouse brand. 

Hollywood Hair Bar will be attending Licensing Expo 2024 in Las Vegas and will be at booth #G102. 

Register for Licensing Expo 2024. 

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