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10 Actual Property Markets That Might Quickly Resemble San Francisco

“[O]ne impact of the pandemic appears to be far more metropolitan areas where the real estate market looks increasingly like San Francisco’s,” according to an article by Kellie Hwang for the San Francisco Chronicle [paywall].

Hwang is sharing a recent analysis by the Chronicle that used Zillow data to catalog the US metropolitan areas experiencing “significant increases in home values ​​and decreasing housing inventory over the pandemic.”

“In our data analysis, we narrowed down the list to areas where home values ​​rose 40% or more from Jan. 2020 to Jan. 2022, inventory from the same time period fell by 40% or more, and inventory is now at two homes or fewer per 1,000 people,” explains Hwang.

“Two years into the pandemic, the US housing market is virtually unrecognizable from before, with nearly half the number of homes for sale, prices a third higher and rising.” —Zillow spokesperson Tyrone Law

“What we found was a mix of both large and smaller metro areas whose housing markets have become less affordable and scarcer over the past two years.”

The list might surprise: Missoula, Montana; Port Angeles, Washington; Provo, UT; Oak Harbor, Washington; Salt Lake City, UT; Raleigh, NC; Merced, California; San Diego, California; Bellingham, Washington; and Helena Montana.

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