Night At The Races Fundraiser Cleveland

Night At The Races Fundraiser Cleveland

The night at the races fundraiser in Cleveland is the perfect way to spend a summer evening. PCI Entertainment helps put on one of the largest and most entertaining events in the city.

What is a night at the races like?

The Night at the Races is an all-inclusive entertainment package featuring winning personalities, music, videos, and more. A Cleveland OH night at the race’s fundraiser is the perfect way to give your organization a serious boost.

We help get your donors in the game with one of the premier parties. Recover more than the cost of our services during your own derby party.

Where can I host a night at the races?

While it sounds like an event held at the racetrack, you can host a night at the races anywhere. We deliver exciting racing action to your door, whether at an events center or your office.

Guests receive a race program for the day with each race and horse listed alongside their odds. Your guests pick their favorite and wager fun-money. We can even support real wagers.

A full horse racing party

Cleveland has a full-fledged track. This allows us to host parties throughout the season. The action does not end with the Kentucky Derby.

Give your guests something to focus on even if they cannot get within six feet of others. Games are a great way to party. We bring the fun.

Crisp video entertainment

Our videos captivate as much as the races. We supply a giant screen and surround sound that deliver the thrills of a real race.

From the sound of the crowd to thunder of the hoofs, nothing is missing. There is no need for the carboard cutouts that major league baseball is using.

Fundraising in Cleveland

Using a night at the races event for fundraising is a great way to raise money. Your guests pay upfront and receive real value with our help.

PCI Entertainment creates an exciting event that keeps your donors coming back year after year. Giving your support value in return for their continued financing is among the best ways to keep your non-profit in business.

Social distancing fundraiser

The current pandemic may be here for months or even years to come but a party does not need to be dull. This does not mean that life needs to completely end. Our staff keeps partygoers at a safe distance without taking the life from your night.

By creating a series of enthralling games and activities, we engage everyone. Life does not need to end because of restrictions. A virtual race among coworkers and peers helps ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Can I host a night at the races in 2020?

Times are rough but a night at the races fundraiser in Cleveland is still possible. Bring the thrill of the track to any venue. Capture your audience and receive support with the help of a 501c(3) event.

PCI Entertainment uses quality video and audio to create a memorable experience. Get in touch with us today at 216-676-4848 or toll-free at 877-918-48484.

Night At The Races Fundraiser Cleveland

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